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Top ACT Tutoring in Miami, FL

When senior high school students in the Miami area begin to think about graduation and the next steps in their life, thoughts of schools like Florida International University, St. Thomas University - Florida, and the University of Miami come to mind. Some other students may be thinking about a particular school or degree program somewhere outside of the state. Regardless, any student who wants to continue their academic career will need to get through the college admissions process. One step in that process is taking a college admissions exam like the ACT. Veritas Prep is here to help students ensure they are getting the proper test preparation. We can set students up with Miami ACT tutoring for all of their test prep needs.

The ACT is a comprehensive exam with Reading, Writing, Science, Math, and English sections. Of these five, all but the Writing section are mandatory. If students up to take the ACT PLUS Writing, they will need to complete an additional essay portion. With Writing, students have 3 hours and 35 minutes to take the ACT, and they will earn both a composite score between 1 and 36 and a Writing score between 2 and 12. Without Writing, students have 2 hours and 55 minutes and only earn the composite score.

Miami ACT tutoring is all about helping individual students go after the areas of the exam where they have the best opportunities to improve their performance. By working with a tutor, students get a custom lesson plan that is built around their unique needs and learning style. Miami ACT tutors cater their approach to each student, focusing on the exact areas of the test where a student has gaps. Tutors also work at the pace of the student, making sure they have an opportunity to understand a concept before moving on to another one.

Another great aspect of Miami ACT tutoring is that sessions can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for the student. Since Miami ACT tutors are available throughout the day, we can find a tutor and session time that works for any student.

When you contact Veritas Prep to sign up for Miami ACT tutoring, you can also choose from our packages of online test prep resources for additional materials to use for study outside of sessions.

Get in touch with Veritas Prep today for the Miami ACT tutoring help you need as you prepare for the exam. We can find a tutor for you who is eager to help you reach for your exam goals.

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