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Top ACT Tutoring in Memphis, TN

Scoring well on the ACT is a great way to improve your college application. Because schools such as the University of Memphis or Rhodes College may be interested in your application if it includes a high ACT score, it is worth preparing well for the ACT. Preparing for the ACT can seem complicated and difficult. Thankfully, Veritas Prep offers Memphis ACT tutoring to guide you through your ACT preparation.

The ACT has four sections that are required to complete. Additionally, the test includes an optional section. The required sections are Reading, English, Science, and Math. These sections are all in multiple-choice format and are scored from 1 to 36. The optional portion of the exam is the Writing section, and that section is graded on a scale from 2 to 12. The Writing section is in essay format. It takes three hours and 35 minutes to complete the ACT if the student takes the optional Writing portion. Without the Writing portion, the exam takes two hours and 55 minutes to complete.

Memphis ACT tutoring provides intensive one-on-one learning. Memphis ACT tutors tailor your sessions to your needs. Because everyone has different goals and abilities, Memphis ACT tutors make a plan based around your goals, needs, and learning style. Rather than spending time going over concepts you already know or learning in a way that is not effective for you, you spend your time on the material where you need the most help. The feedback you receive from the tutor comes from someone who knows your learning needs. For example, if you struggle in the Math section, you and the tutor can go through practice problems that allow you to receive feedback on what specific things you do well and what specific things you can improve upon. As you work through practice problems, sample questions, and discuss test-taking strategies, your goals and learning style are at the center of your Memphis ACT tutoring.

In addition to the quality of learning that private tutoring offers, Memphis ACT tutors are available at numerous times. You can study whenever works best for you, from anywhere with an internet connection. Your Memphis ACT tutoring sessions fit your life and schedule, which makes preparing for the ACT that much easier.

In a competitive academic world, every chance to improve can make a difference. Memphis ACT tutoring from Veritas Prep is flexible, features excellent private tutoring, and adapts to what you need. If you believe these benefits would improve your ACT preparation, contact a Veritas Prep academic advisor online or over the phone.

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