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Top ACT Tutoring in Little Rock, AR

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Top ACT Tutoring in Little Rock, AR

If you’re planning to attend college, you may find that many of the schools you plan to apply to will require the ACT. This standardized test measures what you know and assesses your preparation for academics at a higher level. Schools like The University of Arkansas at Little Rock and Arkansas Baptist College may look at your ACT scores as they evaluate your application. Achieving a high score can be a good way to get the attention of that admissions committee. Little Rock ACT tutoring can help you prepare for the format of the test and get familiar with its content. If you’re not sure where to find Little Rock ACT tutors, we’ve got you covered. Contact us at Veritas Prep, and we’ll tell you about the innovative online tutoring platform that we provide.

There are many benefits to Little Rock ACT tutoring. One of the most important advantages is that you’re able to work at your own pace. If you need to take your time and work a little harder on certain subjects, you can do that with a tutor. You’ll be able to set the pace and focus on any of the areas that need the most work. There’s no rushing from one test section to the next. Your tutor can match your study sessions to the way you learn best. Some students are visual learners and others are more auditory. Little Rock ACT tutors can identify your strengths early on in your meetings, and help you prepare for the test in a way that makes sense for your specific learning style.

The online platform is also a benefit. You can schedule virtual sessions with your tutor at times that are most convenient to you. All you need to manage your meetings is an internet connection and a laptop or mobile device. One-on-one tutoring provides you with the intensity you need to really make a difference in your test prep.

Comprehensive Little Rock ACT tutoring will cover the four mandatory sections of the test. These are Math, English, Reading, and Science. There’s an optional Writing section as well, and if you’re planning to take that, you can work with your tutor to prepare for your essay. The test is three hours and 35 minutes with the Writing section or two hours and 55 minutes without it. You can work on time management skills while you’re studying so you don’t fall behind or feel rushed as each testing section comes to a close.

When you’re ready to start a comprehensive tutoring program, contact us at Veritas Prep. We’re here to help.

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