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Top ACT Tutoring in Kansas City, MO

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Top ACT Tutoring in Kansas City, MO

If you are preparing to take the ACT, you know that many schools use an applicant’s score as a factor in the admissions process. Whether you are applying to local schools such as Rockhurst University and the University of Missouri - Kansas City, or other schools around the country, a good ACT score can make your application more appealing to admission officers. However, preparing for the ACT can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, Kansas City ACT tutoring from Veritas Prep can give you tools and personalized instruction to help you make the most of your test prep.

Made up of four mandatory sections and one optional section, the ACT is a standardized college entrance exam. The ACT includes questions regarding topics such as algebra, vocabulary, and arithmetic. The main sections of the exam are Math, Reading, Science, and English. These sections are all in multiple-choice format. The optional section of the ACT is the Writing section, which is in essay format. Each of the mandatory sections receives a score from 1 to 36. The Writing section is graded from 2 to 12. The ACT takes three hours and 35 minutes to complete if the Writing section is included. Without the Writing section, the ACT takes two hours and 55 minutes to complete.

Kansas City ACT tutoring is designed around giving you individual attention to help you gain the skills and understanding you need for the test. Kansas City ACT tutors consider your goals, abilities, learning style, and preferences as they plan for your sessions. Everyone learns differently, and a one-on-one environment is a great opportunity to receive the attention needed to learn thoroughly. You and Kansas City ACT tutors don’t just review the material; you talk about the material together to make sure that you understand. As you do sample questions, the tutor can give you insightful feedback to sharpen your skills and build your confidence.

To make this learning environment more accessible, Kansas City ACT tutoring is flexible. We can connect you with someone who matches your availability. Not only do you receive excellent private tutoring, but you can also learn from home, a library, or anywhere else you prefer.

To make the most of your ACT preparation, consider registering for Kansas City ACT tutoring from Veritas Prep. These sessions give you a wonderful learning experience that can help you do your best on the ACT. Academic advisors are available over the phone or online to help you register.

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