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Top ACT Tutoring in Harrisburg, PA

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Top ACT Tutoring in Harrisburg, PA

In the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, college-bound high school students most often think about local colleges and universities such as Penn State-Harrisburg, the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, Messiah College, and other closeby options. Other students think about pursuing a degree program at a school further away. Either way, Harrisburg students know that they will have to submit their ACT or SAT to the majority of schools they hope to attend to be considered for admission. If you plan to sit for the ACT, you should start getting prepared for it. One of the most effective ways to study for a test is alongside the guidance and support of Harrisburg ACT tutoring. Contact Veritas Prep so we can tell you more or keep on reading.

The ACT is split into four main sections that you have to take and a fifth section that is optional. You must get through a section on Science, a section on Math, a section on Reading, and a section on English. If you so choose, you can also take the ACT writing section. The Writing section earns a separate score that does not figure into your composite score, but some admissions offices want to see it, so find out what the colleges you want to apply to expect from you.

Harrisburg ACT tutoring is unique because you get a dedicated instructor who can help you focus on your goals for the test. A tutor can teach to your learning style, giving you explanations of topics that make sense to you. Harrisburg ACT tutors can also figure out the areas of the test that need the most work for you to improve, and they can center sessions around filling those gaps. Whether it’s academic topics, test-taking strategies, alleviating test anxiety, or a combination of all three, your tutor can accommodate you.

When you sign up for Harrisburg ACT tutoring, you can choose a package with Veritas Prep’s other online test prep services included. You can pick from our live ACT classes that feature instruction from someone who earned a top score on the ACT, or you could go with an ACT course, which has tools and resources for you to use to study on your own in your free time.

If you’re ready to study with Harrisburg ACT tutors, contact Veritas Prep today. Academic advisors can find a tutor who matches your schedule and test prep needs.

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