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Top ACT Tutoring in Grand Rapids, MI

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Top ACT Tutoring in Grand Rapids, MI

Commonly administered to students in their 11th or 12th-grade years, the ACT is a standardized test designed to measure a person’s readiness for a college learning environment. Many schools, such as Grand Valley State University or Calvin College, may use your ACT score as a component in your application process. A good score on the ACT can impact your academic goals. Grand Rapids ACT tutoring from Veritas Prep gives you tools to maximize your time spent studying for the ACT.

The ACT has four mandatory sections and one optional section. The mandatory sections are all in multiple-choice format and are scored from 1 to 36. They are English, Math, Reading, and Science. The optional section is Writing, and it is in essay format. The Writing section is scored from 2 to 12. The main sections combine to form a composite score that is also from 1 to 36. The Writing section is always scored separately. The ACT tests concepts and skills such as reading comprehension, algebra and geometry, and problem-solving. The exam takes two hours and 55 minutes without the Writing section, and three hours and 35 minutes with the Writing section.

A primary benefit of Grand Rapids ACT tutoring is personalized instruction. Grand Rapids ACT tutors work with you to set goals for your time, make a plan focused on those goals, and adapt your time to your learning needs. For example, if you wish to improve on the Science portion of the ACT, Grand Rapids ACT tutors can study key concepts with you, give you feedback on practice test questions, and discuss test-taking strategies specific to the Science section. Also, the tutor can tailor the sessions to your learning style. For example, if you learn visually, you can watch your tutor do a few problems and explain what they are thinking as they answer them. Then, you can work through problems utilizing the skills the tutor demonstrated. This individual instruction allows for an intensive learning experience.

Grand Rapids ACT tutoring is available to fit a wide variety of schedules. Because the sessions are entirely online, you can pick sessions with a tutor who is available when you are, and you meet anywhere with an internet connection.

Private tutoring is a great opportunity for anyone’s test preparation. If you believe a skilled tutor, convenient scheduling, and sessions focused on your needs would improve your test preparation, contact an academic advisor from Veritas Prep. They will help you start your Grand Rapids ACT tutoring sessions and get you started on the next phase of your ACT preparation today.

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