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Top ACT Tutoring in Detroit, MI

As a high school student in Detroit who is nearing the end of your secondary school career, thoughts of Wayne State University, the University of Michigan, and even schools outside of the state begin to flood into your mind. No matter what school you hope to attend in the future, you will first need to overcome the hurdle of the college admissions process. One important aspect of your college application for many schools is your score on a college admissions exam such as the ACT. If you will be taking the ACT in the future, you’re going to want to prepare ahead of time so that you can try to perform at your best. Veritas Prep understands this and wants to help, which is why we can provide you with Detroit ACT tutoring for all of your test prep needs. Contact our academic advisors to find out more or keep reading below.

The ACT tests students on their current abilities in an attempt to predict their readiness for college degree programs. When you sit for the exam, you will need to get through a Reading section, a Science section, a Mathematics section, and an English section. Each of these required sections earns a score between 1 and 36, and then those scores are averaged out for a final ACT overall score between 1 and 36. There is also a Writing section on the ACT, but it is not required to complete the exam. That said, some colleges may require it in your application, so do your research. If you take the Writing section, you will get an additional and separate score in the range of 2 to 12.

Detroit ACT tutoring is perhaps the best way for any student to prepare for an exam because they get to work directly with a test prep expert. A tutor can help you concentrate on the areas of the exam were you have the best opportunity to improve your performance. If you don’t know exactly what topics or sections you should be focusing on, Detroit ACT tutors can perform an assessment on your capabilities and then put together a customized study plan.

Detroit ACT tutors allow you to study at your own pace while they teach to your learning style, providing you with plenty of opportunities to understand academic concepts and build test-taking strategies before you sit for the exam. Tutoring is also flexible because you are able to work with a tutor who is available when you are.

If you’re ready to get started with Detroit ACT tutoring, reach out to Veritas Prep today. Academic advisors are standing by online or by phone to help you get started.

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