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Top ACT Tutoring in Denver, CO

Denver high school students begin to think about the next stage of their academic careers when they approach graduation. From Regis University and the University of Colorado - Denver to the nearby Colorado School of Mines, students have a plethora of great degree programs they can pursue close to home. Whether students want to attend a local school or seek out a degree program further away, they will still need to convince the college admissions office at their school of choice that they should be accepted. Most schools want to see a college admissions exam score in your application, so you’ll need to take either the SAT or ACT. If the ACT is your test of choice, you will want to prepare for it specifically. Luckily, Veritas Prep can help you by setting you up with Denver ACT tutoring today.

During the ACT, you’ll face a Reading section, an English section, a Math section, and a Science section. These required sections each earn a score between 1 and 36, and those scores are averaged out for an overall ACT composite score of 1 to 36. The ACT also offers a Writing section that you can choose to take. If you take on the Writing section, you get 40 extra minutes to complete the exam for a total test time of 3 hours and 35 minutes. The Writing section earns a separate score of 2 to 12.

Denver ACT tutoring is perhaps the best way to prepare for the exam. You get a dedicated private instructor who can work alongside you towards your test goals. Denver ACT tutors can assess your abilities and learning style to put together a custom learning plan that focuses on your needs. With a tutor, you have a test prep expert who can make sure you are always focusing on your best opportunities to improve your performance.

Denver ACT tutoring is also very flexible. There are tutors available at virtually any time, so you can schedule sessions at a time that works for you. Also, if you sign up to work with Denver ACT tutors, Veritas Prep lets you choose a package that includes either our online live classes or our self-study course.

If you are ready to take advantage of the benefits Denver ACT tutoring offers you, reach out to the academic advisors at Veritas Prep today. Advisors are available online or via the phone to answer your questions and find your tutor.

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