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Top ACT Tutoring in Boston, MA

If you’re a high school student in the Boston, Massachusetts metropolitan area, you may be considering the ACT to help you get into college. The ACT is a standardized exam accepted by undergraduate programs around the country, so a good score can help you get into a local school such as Boston University or a school outside of the state. That said, the prep that goes into a great ACT score can prove challenging. Veritas Prep offers professional Boston ACT tutoring services to help students work toward their goals in a one-on-one environment.

The ACT has five sections: English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing. The first four sections consist of multiple-choice questions and are mandatory for all test-takers, while the Writing section involves a free response essay question that students are allowed to opt out of. That said, some undergraduate programs refuse to consider an application without a standardized Writing score. If you’re unclear whether you should take the Writing portion, Boston ACT tutors can help you decide during your test preparations.

Boston ACT tutoring sessions are a great place to pick up strategies you can fall back on during the test. For instance, it is perfectly acceptable and even advisable to tackle a challenging question by eliminating as many choices as you can and then just picking one so that you have a chance to read every question. You only have three hours and 35 minutes for the entire exam (including essay), after all.

Some students also utilize Boston ACT tutoring to take practice tests. Gaining experience with what the time available to you might feel like can help you budget it more effectively on test day. Private Boston ACT tutors can also review your work and discover where your areas of opportunity lie for more effective test prep.

Private tutors also introduce flexibility to the test-taking equation. You are free to set the timing of every session, ensuring that you never need to miss out on hobbies you enjoy just to study for a test. Working with a tutor also allows you to concentrate on your unique areas of need. For instance, a student with an extremely high reading level probably doesn’t need to review for the Reading section of the test. Why not use that time on something you find more difficult instead?

Whether you are preparing to take the ACT for the first time or trying to build upon your previous attempts, Veritas Prep can help you pursue your potential. Contact an academic advisor today for more information on how we might be able to help you!

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