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Top ACT Tutoring in Baltimore, MD

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Top ACT Tutoring in Baltimore, MD

The ACT is a common standardized test for college admissions. Whether you are applying to a public school like the University of Maryland or a private institution like Johns Hopkins, your ACT score is one part of your application. With Veritas Prep, you can receive the help of qualified Baltimore ACT tutors. If you are looking to improve your score, Veritas Prep Baltimore ACT tutoring can give you the tools you need to pursue success.

The ACT consists of four mandatory sections: Mathematics, English, Reading, and Science. Additionally, there is an optional Writing section. Each of the mandatory sections is scored from 1-36, while the Writing section is scored from 2-12. Scores in the individual sections are then combined into a composite score for the entire test. The exam contains questions designed to test knowledge and skill in algebra, problem-solving, and reading comprehension. A Baltimore ACT tutor can work with you on whichever sections are most difficult, or all the sections. Because Baltimore ACT tutoring is online, you can work with a tutor whenever you like, wherever you like, on whatever device you like.

In Baltimore ACT tutoring, sessions are one-on-one. Therefore, you can focus on the topics you and the tutor feel would benefit you the most. Your learning goals and learning style direct the time you spend with the tutor. Everyone learns differently, but because of the benefits of private tutoring, you can learn according to your preferences and schedule. If you know that you struggle in the Mathematics section, you and your tutor are able to work on setting goals, establishing benchmarks, and making a plan to improve your understanding of the math that’s on the test. Moreover, if you know that the Reading section will be less challenging for you, you and your tutor could allot less of your time to that area. This is the benefit of Veritas Prep’s Baltimore ACT tutoring: you receive personalized instruction at times the work for you.

Baltimore ACT tutors know what you need to earn the score you want on the ACT. They can attend to you in a way that suits your needs. If you want to prepare for the ACT, and position yourself to do your best, Baltimore ACT tutoring is a great option. You can reach out to one of Veritas Prep’s academic advisors online or by phone. We can get started on helping you get ready for the ACT today!

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