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Top ACT Tutoring in Bakersfield, CA

While the SAT is more popular in the state of California, high school juniors and seniors in Bakersfield have the option of taking the ACT as an alternative college admissions test. The ACT satisfies the standardized testing requirement at nearly every college and university in the country, making it just as easy to apply to a local school such as Bakersfield College as it is an out-of-state institution. If you want some expert guidance to help you study, Veritas Prep can refer you to Bakersfield ACT tutoring to help you make the most of your study time.

The ACT has five distinct sections: Math, English, Science, Reading, and Writing (Optional). The Math section emphasizes subjects such as algebra and geometry and allows the use of a calculator throughout. It may be tempting to use the calculator to double-check all of your arithmetic, but doing so can cost you time you need to answer every question. Bakersfield ACT tutors can show you when and how to use a calculator to improve efficiency.

The ACT’s English section tests your knowledge of grammar, vocab, and other ELA topics. You may use flashcards during your Bakersfield ACT tutoring sessions to make it easier to place new words in their proper context. Likewise, your tutor may emphasize grammatical errors in spoken sentences to make it easier for you to spot them.

The ACT’s Science section tends to emphasize topics such as biology and human anatomy. If a concept isn’t clicking, Bakersfield ACT tutors may guide you through experiments to bring them to life. You may also learn mnemonic devices to help you remember rote information, such as the steps of the scientific method.

The ACT’s Reading section consists of reading comprehension questions about passages drawn from social studies, science, fiction, and poetry. If you could retain more of the information you read, you may concentrate on active reading techniques during Bakersfield ACT tutoring sessions to help you remember more of it. You may also pick up tips for leveraging the exam against itself to help you determine the correct response.

Finally, the optional Writing section entails an open-response essay question. You only have 40 minutes to compose it, so you might concentrate on your outlining skills to streamline the creative process.

Working with a private tutor allows students to study at their own pace. If you’re interested in learning more about what Veritas Prep can do for you, please reach out to an academic advisor using the information provided on this page!

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