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Top ACT Tutoring in Akron, OH

For students graduating from high school in Akron, Ohio, the future may include postsecondary education at the University of Akron or nearby Kent State University. It could also include a program at a college or university in another state. Regardless, students who are thinking about college may also be thinking about the ACT. When considering applicants, scores on college admissions exams like the ACT are often a factor. The ACT covers a wide range of topics, so students need to put together a solid test preparation plan to pursue success. Veritas Prep can help students by setting them up with Akron ACT tutors. Contact your academic advisors today or read below to learn more.

The ACT is a standardized exam that, along with the SAT, helps colleges decide who should get into their programs. The exam lasts for two hours and 55 minutes when students take only the required sections of English, Science, Reading, and Mathematics. There is also a Writing section that students may choose to take, and some schools may require a Writing score as part of their application. Each of the mandatory sections earns a score from 1 to 36, which is then compiled into one overall score between 1 and 36. The optional Writing section receives a separate score of 2 to 12.

Akron ACT tutoring allows students to get individualized support from an expert in test prep. A tutor can focus on the areas where a student needs the most help, giving them the opportunity to build the skills they need to be prepared for the exam. Tutors can provide insight into the format and timing of the exam as well, allowing students to develop strong test-taking strategies during the course of their sessions.

When a student does not know where they should focus, Akron ACT tutors can perform an assessment of their skills and then develop a customized learning plan. Tutoring is also flexible, so students can meet online with their tutor at a time that fits into their schedule. Tutors also work at a student’s pace, giving them the time they need to understand a concept before moving on to something else. All in all, Akron ACT tutoring may be the best way to prepare for the exam.

If you’re thinking about working with Akron ACT tutors, reach out to Veritas Prep today. Academic advisors are available online or via the phone to set you up with Akron ACT tutoring that can focus on your goals.

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