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ACT Test Registration Checklist

A student who plans to go to college has a lot of deadlines to remember as well as tasks to accomplish. This includes signing up for and taking the ACT. Not surprisingly, many busy high school students get stressed out at the thought of adding another thing to their to-do list. Fortunately, with the help of our ACT test registration checklist, students can sign up and prepare for the exam in organized fashion. Consider some of the items found on a typical ACT exam registration checklist.

Check Current ACT Registration Dates

The first thing on a student’s checklist is to look at the latest schedule of ACT test dates. Most ACT testing is done on either a Friday or a Saturday. Students who register several months ahead of time must check their schedule to see if they are available on a particular test date. At this point, students should also decide whether they are going to take the optional writing test. They will need to make note of that during registration.

Register for the ACT Online

The next task on the checklist is to register for the test. Registering online is the most efficient way to sign up for the ACT. Students choose a date on the schedule for their ACT testing. Registration deadlines are displayed alongside the testing dates to let students know about the cutoff. By registering online, a student finds out right away whether they have a space in the testing session. If the session is full, a student can choose an alternate test date to see whether there is still space available. Also, during online ACT test registration, a student enters their location information to find the closest testing center. Before finishing online ACT exam registration, a student pays the testing fee and prints out a copy of an admission ticket.

Mark the Date on the Calendar and Include Important Notes

Marking the test date on the calendar is the next item on the checklist. In addition, students should make a note on the calendar of what to take to the testing location. One of those items is their admission ticket. A student won’t be allowed into the test location without that ticket. Also, a student must have a photo ID that matches the name on the admission ticket. Making these notes on the calendar is an easy way for students to remember what to take along when test day finally arrives.

Planning for the Unexpected

Sometimes, unexpected circumstances occur that prevent students from taking the test on their scheduled date. If this happens before the registration deadline, a student can log into their ACT account to make a test date change. There is a fee for changing a test date. If the registration deadline passes before a student changes the test date, they can check into the option of standby testing. A student may want to make a note of the registration deadline on the calendar in case this situation occurs.

Prepare for the ACT with the Experts

Once students have reviewed the ACT registration dates and signed up online, it’s time for them to prepare for the exam. At Veritas Prep, we are the experts at helping students prep for every section of the ACT. Furthermore, students can take advantage of our help in a number of different ways. We offer ACT courses that can be taken either online or in person. Students have the opportunity to complete practice tests using our proven test-taking methods. We also offer private tutoring sessions conducted either in person or online. Students work with instructors one on one to learn strategies that can help them to approach all of the questions on the ACT with a sense of confidence. Veritas Prep also provides video lessons in the form of our ACT 36 On Demand course. Students get access to 20-plus hours of informative video lessons that offer them practical tips for successfully answering the questions on the ACT. Students use quality study resources when they receive ACT instruction from Veritas Prep.

We understand that students have a lot to think about when it comes to ACT testing. Registration is much easier when a student follows our simple checklist. Our team of professional instructors at Veritas Prep is proud to provide first-rate ACT test preparation to students who want to master the ACT!