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ACT Science Prep and PracticeTips

Science is one of the five subjects covered on the ACT. A student who performs well on exams and assignments in science classes probably doesn’t have any worries about this section of the test. However, students who have trouble with assignments in science may be looking for some extra assistance to prepare for this section of the ACT. At Veritas Prep, our professional instructors offer valuable ACT science tips to prepare students for this portion of the test. Students who sign up to learn Veritas Prep’s ACT 36 strategies learn our Open-Book Science Method. This method teaches students a unique way to approach science passages on the test. Consider a few helpful tips for students performing ACT science prep work.

Learn the Elements of the Science Test

A student who knows what to expect on the science portion of the ACT will not be surprised by any of the questions. In the science section, students must use the following skills to answer the questions: interpretation, analysis, evaluation, reasoning, and problem-solving. In each of the 40 questions, scientific information is presented and a student must use one or more of these skills to determine the correct answer. Students should expect to encounter questions that use graphs or tables to convey scientific information. They should be familiar with how to read a graph or interpret a diagram. Also, there are questions that contain descriptions of experiments. Students should be familiar with all of the various steps of an experiment. In addition, there are questions that require students to draw conclusions and come up with predictions based on the facts in a passage. Once students are aware of what they’ll encounter in the science section, it’s time for them to practice using those skills. This is accomplished by taking several practice tests and examining the results of each one.

Complete ACT Science Practice Tests

Practice tests play a critical role in a thorough program of ACT prep. Science questions help students to discover both their strengths and weakness in this subject area. Our talented instructors assist students in determining which skills they need to work on. Furthermore, our tutors offer ACT science tips that can help students navigate their way through the most challenging parts of this section. Students partner with their Veritas Prep tutor as they work through a page of ACT science practice questions. Students who complete several sample questions become accustomed to the format of the exam and will feel more at ease when they sit down to take the actual test. When it comes to ACT practice, science questions are invaluable study tools for students.

Read Science Publications and Materials

A student taking the science section of the ACT must remember that the answers to all of the questions are found within the passages in the test booklet. But doing some outside reading can also serve a student who is taking the ACT. For example, a student has the opportunity to interpret a variety of graphs and diagrams found in science magazines. By going online to science websites, a student can dissect the various parts of a detailed experiment featured in an article. They can draw conclusions regarding the experiment based on what is in the article. Reading scientific publications and electronic resources gives a student the chance to practice the skills that they will use on the ACT. So when it comes to studying for the section on science, ACT prep work can come in the form of a science magazine, a newspaper, a book, or an online article, too.

Read the Science Test Instructions

Part of a student’s prep work should include reading the instructions for this section of the test. By learning the instructions ahead of time, a student can stay focused on the most important aspects of the test. Plus, the student will likely have a little time to spare after completing the test to review their answers. Sometimes, a quick review can give a student the opportunity to change an answer that they were unsure about.

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