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SAT On Demand
Self Study
Go at your own pace while SAT experts guide you. Includes:
  • 10 lessons in high-definition
  • In-depth lesson guidebooks
  • Parent's guide to the SAT
  • Live instructor help daily
  • 1 year of full-access
  • Free Admissions Consultation
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ACT On Demand
Self Study
Experts lead you through your ACT curriculum. Includes:
  • 12 lessons in high-definition
  • 10 ACT lesson guidebooks
  • ACT Question Bank
  • Live instructor help daily
  • 1 year of full-access
  • Free Admissions Consultation
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On Demand + Admissions
Self Study + Admissions
SAT & ACT On Demand, PLUS:
  • 7 Hours Consulting
  • Personal Statement editing
  • Supplemental Essay edits
  • Interview prep
  • Select your target colleges
  • Use time however you like
  • Free Admissions Consultation
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If you’ve ever spent time preparing for a standardized exam, you probably already know how overwhelming it can be. With tests like the ACT and SAT, which play a role in the college admissions process, the pressure to perform well adds to the challenge. These exams also cover a comprehensive set of material, and students have a limited amount of time to recall and apply what they know to earn a good score. Luckily, students don't have to set up their own test preparation plan. Veritas Prep can help you get ready for your exam with our on-demand ACT prep and SAT prep tools. Read on to learn more.

Why ACT and SAT On-Demand Services? College admissions exams are important, but students have a lot of responsibilities. We wanted to make the test preparation process more convenient. With our ACT on-demand test prep, courses include all of the interactive video lessons you need. Each lesson is in high-definition, and you can watch them wherever and whenever you want. You can even watch them on your smartphone and tablet. Our SAT on-demand courses offer the same kind of comprehensive content and convenience.

Additionally, whether choosing SAT on-demand or ACT on-demand offerings, you’ll have access to a host of online learning materials. For instance, you can enhance your study sessions by taking advantage of our in-depth study guides and question bank. You’ll also be able to use our regular live homework help to get feedback from expert instructors when you need it.

What’s on the SAT? Preparing for the SAT is difficult in part because it covers such a wide range of academic subjects. The exam is made up of four distinct sections:

  • Reading
  • Writing and Language
  • Mathematics
  • And an optional Writing section

Students get a total of 3 hours and 50 minutes to complete their exam with its optional Writing response. The exam’s Writing section receives a score on a scale from 6 to 24. The required sections each receive a score on a scale from 200 to 800. With on-demand SAT prep tools, you can focus on specific sections of the exam, get familiar with the format of every section, develop time-management skills, and more.

What’s on the ACT? The ACT is similar to the SAT in its format and has five sections:

  • English
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Science
  • And an optional Writing section

The four required sections are multiple-choice, and each earns a score ranging from 1 to 36. The test’s Writing section receives a score on a scale from 2 to 12. Students get a slightly shorter amount of time to finish the ACT that the SAT considering its 3 hour and 35-minute time limit if you include the Writing section. On-demand ACT prep tools allow you to learn about each section on the exam, work through examples, develop strategies to help you answer questions accurately, and more.

Signing Up for ACT or SAT On-Demand Services:  At Veritas Prep, we made our on-demand ACT and SAT on-demand services easy and convenient, and we want it to be just as simple for you to get started. Academic advisors are available both online and on the phone to help you begin your ACT on-demand course or your SAT on-demand course. If you think you'd benefit from expert guidance and powerful supplementary learning tools, reach out to us. We're looking forward to helping you reach for your test goals more confidently.

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