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From The San Fernando Valley to Pasadena to Westwood, Veritas Prep offers the best SAT course in Los Angeles. You can learn from an engaging instructor who has scored in the top 1% of all SAT test takers. If you would rather not deal with the daily Los Angeles traffic, our Live Online courses offer flexible scheduling and cutting-edge technology you won’t see anywhere else. Scroll below to find an SAT prep course near you.

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“I was incredibly surprised to realize that even after the first session my SAT score improved. I thought it would take time to develop my skills, but I saw rapid improvement. The instructor knew what he was talking about and was extremely helpful.” Harper V.

Why you’ll love Veritas Prep:


Each Veritas Prep SAT 2400 instructor has scored in the 99th percentile on the actual SAT and has gone through our rigorous training program. No SAT prep provider has more accomplished and effective SAT instructors than Veritas Prep.


Veritas Prep’s in-depth curriculum will teach you techniques for improving your reading scores, strategies to solve challenging SAT math questions, and ways to solve sentence improvement questions without getting lost in mundane rules.


With more instructional hours than any competitor, Veritas Prep teaches the advanced strategies needed to achieve high scores. All students receive 10 practice tests, unlimited instructor access, and pre-recorded lesson videos with their course.


We are so confident that you will see the value in the Veritas Prep approach to SAT mastery that we offer a simple guarantee: If you’re not happy for any reason during the first 30 days, just give us a call and we will refund your money.

Pasadena SAT
Course Schedule

October 28 - November 26

Saturdays, Sundays
6am - 8:30am (PDT)
Live Online
A fully interactive online classroom; live instruction.
SAT - Live Online | $899 or 3 payments of $317

October 30 - November 29

Mondays, Wednesdays
3pm - 5:30pm (PDT)
Live Online
A fully interactive online classroom; live instruction.
SAT - Live Online | $899 or 3 payments of $317

Oct 28 - Nov 26 S/Su 6am - 8:30am (PDT)

Clara Monk
Live Online

Oct 30 - Nov 29 M/W 3pm - 5:30pm (PDT)

Geoff Caveney
Live Online


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B.A., Columbia University
Clara Monk was born in Berkeley, California and now attends Columbia University as a Financial Economics major with concentrations in Business Management and Dance. Clara attended Berkeley High School and Berkeley Independent Study, where she graduated after her junior year with a 4.0 GPA and the Mayor’s Award for Leadership. She found her love for tutoring and teaching in high school as an intern at Berkeley Independent Study, and continues to tutor private clients in SAT prep, English, and Mathematics.Clara started dancing when she was young and continues to pursue ballet alongside her academics.

BA, Yale University
Geoffrey Caveney is a Yale University graduate and a tutor with 10 years experience of proven success in helping young people achieve their goals and exceed their expectations. Whether he is tutoring trigonometry, coaching a high school chess team, or teaching after-school classes, Geoffrey knows how to relate to young people and explain concepts in a way they can understand. Geoffrey's positive approach and ability to create a fun learning atmosphere are key to helping his students achieve success and meet and exceed their goals. He knows how to bring out the best results in his students with an approach that never stresses them out. Geoffrey has earned the respect and admiration of all the schools, foundations, students and parents with whom he has worked, from Harlem Children's Zone to Northside College Prep High School.

Real reviews

Amazing, Caring Instructor!
I thought Geoff was amazing. He was one of the best who cared, was fun to talk to, and was always concerned about my work.

Instructor knows the SAT.
Geoff knew what he was doing and pointed out mistakes that I made while I was completing the SAT practice tests... pointing out these obscure mistakes that I would have never figured out on my own really helped improve my overall SAT score.

His methods of teaching were very effective 
When I took my first SAT practice test, I was very disappointed with the results so I decided to study with a tutor. Fortunately, Mr. Caveney was my SAT tutor. His methods of teaching were very effective and he taught me approaches that I would have never thought of....When I first started studying, I never thought I would get a score of 1800. With Mr. Caveney's diligience, I got a 2030. Words cannot describe the elation that I felt when I saw my score.