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From the San Fernando Valley to Pasadena to Westwood, Veritas Prep offers the best SAT courses in Los Angeles. You can learn from an engaging instructor who has scored in the top 1% of all SAT test-takers. If you would rather not deal with the daily Los Angeles traffic, our Live Online courses offer flexible scheduling and cutting-edge technology you won’t see anywhere else. When it comes to SAT tutoring, Los Angeles-area students can get an edge over their peers with Veritas Prep.

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“I was incredibly surprised to realize that even after the first session my SAT score improved. I thought it would take time to develop my skills, but I saw rapid improvement. The instructor knew what he was talking about and was extremely helpful.” Harper V.

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Each Veritas Prep SAT 2400 instructor has scored in the 99th percentile on the actual SAT and has gone through our rigorous training program. No SAT prep provider has more accomplished and effective SAT instructors than Veritas Prep.


Veritas Prep’s in-depth curriculum will teach you techniques for improving your reading scores, strategies to solve challenging SAT math questions, and ways to solve sentence improvement questions without getting lost in mundane rules.


With more instructional hours than any competitor, Veritas Prep teaches the advanced strategies needed to achieve high scores. All students receive 10 practice tests, unlimited instructor access, and pre-recorded lesson videos with their course.


We are so confident that you will see the value in the Veritas Prep approach to SAT mastery that we offer a simple guarantee: If you’re not happy for any reason during the first 30 days, just give us a call and we will refund your money.

Los Angeles SAT
Course Schedule

April 29 - May 28

Saturdays, Sundays
1pm - 3:30pm
16501 Ventura Blvd
Suite 400
Encino, CA 91436
In person: Veritas Prep SAT | $899 or 3 payments of $317

July 22 - August 20

Saturdays, Sundays
1pm - 3:30pm
Newport Beach
23 Corporate Plaza Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660
In person: Veritas Prep SAT | $899 or 3 payments of $317

Apr 29 - May 28 S/Su 1-3:30pm

Gabriel Acheson

Jul 22 - Aug 20 S/Su 1-3:30pm

Cambrian Thomas-Adams
Newport Beach


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BA, Yale University
Gabe was born in London and grew up in Baltimore, MD. He studied music at Yale University, exploring the intersection of art, culture, and technology. After graduating in 2016 with an Intensive Bachelors of Arts with departmental honors, Gabe moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the music industry, while keeping up his passion for pedagogy and education through SAT and ACT tutoring. Beyond music and education, Gabe loves the outdoors, and hopes to one day hike the entire 2,600 mile Pacific Crest Trail.

BA, Yale
Cambrian is a Deerfield, Massachusetts native living in Los Angeles. He recent graduated cum laude from Yale, with distinction in the Theater Studies major. Cambrian is an actor, writer, and playwright. He also loves speaking Italian, large dogs, cooking with unhealthy levels of spice, and watching movies by the Coen Brothers. Cambrian grew up inspired by two excellent teachers- his father, who teaches English at Deerfield Academy, and his mother, who teaches first grade- and therefore is happy to be able to continue this heritage by helping students tackle the SAT.

Real reviews

I would strongly recommend my instructor to anyone 
Cambrian was just amazing. He made our classes both interesting and engaging. He was extremely helpful. He was very patient and addressed any questions our group had. Cambrian was always enthusiastic and eager to help out his students. I would strongly recommend my instructor to anyone seeking to ace the SAT. It was great to have him. 

Cambrian couldn't have been a better teacher
I couldn't have had asked for a more exceptional or tolerant teacher. Cambrian couldn't have been a better teacher and I doubt other instructors could have been as easy going and insightful as him.