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ACT Reading Test Strategies: ACT Reading Practice Test

Naturally, students who love to read look forward to taking the reading section of the ACT. Along with reading textbooks for school assignments, these students may love to read novels as well as nonfiction in their free time. Alternatively, students who favor other subjects such as science or math may feel hesitant about the reading portion of the test. At Veritas Prep, our learned instructors teach practical ACT reading test strategies to students that can help them to master all of the questions in that section. Also, students take practice tests under the guidance of our instructors as a way of preparing for the reading section. Each of our instructors achieved a score of at least 33 out of 36 on the ACT. This means that they have real-life experience with mastering the reading section on the ACT. Discover a few of the reasons why it’s so useful for students to take at least one ACT reading practice test as they prep for the ACT.

Learning About the ACT Reading Test

Students can learn about the topics on the reading exam by taking an ACT practice test. Reading questions reveal the skills a student must know in order to be successful on the test. For instance, students are asked to find main ideas and supporting details as well as recognize cause-and-effect relationships. Also, they must tackle sequence-of-events questions and be able to draw generalizations. Students use all of these skills along with others while completing a practice test. When students know what to expect on the ACT reading test, they are better able to display their reading comprehension skills and earn a high score.

Evaluating Strengths and Weaknesses

The results of an ACT reading practice test help students to study in an efficient way. When a student and their Veritas Prep instructor go over the results of a practice reading test, they can evaluate a student’s strengths and weaknesses. For instance, one student may have excellent skills when it comes to spotting the main ideas and supporting details in a passage but need to sharpen their skills at drawing generalizations. Our knowledgeable online tutors at Veritas Prep are expert at sharing tips and suggestions with students that can lead to improvement in any area of the reading test. Students implement these tips and begin to see their scores increase with each practice test they complete. When it comes to ACT practice, reading test results can give a student a much-needed confidence boost in the days before the actual exam.

Practicing Test-Taking Strategies

There is another reason why students benefit from our program of ACT practice. Reading test questions give students a chance to implement the test-taking strategies taught to them by our team at Veritas Prep. They have the opportunity to see how well each strategy works to simplify the questions in the reading section on the ACT. Furthermore, they get into the habit of using our strategies in their approach to every question. By the time test day arrives, using our strategies is second nature for students.

Establishing the Right Timing for the Test

Students who take our ACT preparation courses have the chance to establish a rhythm for the test that allows them to finish all 40 questions in the allotted 35 minutes. By taking a few practice tests, students learn how to read each passage in a quick and thorough way. Some of our students even use a timer as they take a practice test at home. They also get into the habit of reading all of the answer options before choosing the correct one. Unfortunately, some students rush to select an answer without considering all of the options and choose the wrong one as a result. Test practice is done under the guidance of our professional instructors at Veritas Prep. When test day arrives, students who study with Veritas Prep have the skills to move through the questions in the reading section in a confident way.

If you want to take advantage of our top-quality study resources and practice ACT reading test questions with the experts, contact us today. At Veritas Prep, we are proud to be able to give students a distinct advantage on the ACT.