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Top ACT Prep in Worcester, MA

For high school students in Worcester, Massachusetts, the SAT is generally the college admissions exam of choice. That said, many students decide to also take the ACT so that they can have their choice of which score to share in college applications. In Worcester, many students think about schools like Becker College, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Assumption College, Worcester State, and others. Regardless of whether you plan to attend a local school or one in some other part of the country, a solid ACT score could help your college applications shine. When you sit for the ACT, you will want to be as prepared as possible. Luckily, this isn’t something you have to do alone. Veritas Prep can assist you with our Worcester ACT preparation services.

The ACT has four required components and one optional section. There is a Reading component, an English component, a Science component, and a Math component that are all required. You will get 2 hours and 55 minutes to complete these sections. The ACT Writing component is something you will need to decide if you want to take. If you choose to complete the Writing section, you get a separate ACT Writing score that does not figure into your overall ACT score and an extra 40 minutes of exam time. The required sections each earn their own scores that are averaged together for a composite ACT score.

Worcester ACT prep from Veritas Prep has something for everyone. If you are gifted at self-guided study, you might want to choose our course. You get plenty of practice questions and a lesson guide to interact with our on-demand streaming ACT video lessons with a Worcester ACT course.

Worcester ACT classes provide you with 25 hours of classroom learning in an online learning environment to meet with your instructor and classmates at scheduled times to review academic topics on the ACT and learn about each section in depth. When you sign up for this Worcester ACT prep option, you also get everything that comes with our course.

Worcester ACT tutoring can help any student improve. A tutor can assess your current abilities and customize a study plan to help you go after your most significant opportunities to raise your ACT score. When you sign up to work with Worcester ACT tutors, Veritas Prep also offers you your choice of a course package or a class package to give you extra prep outside of tutoring sessions.

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