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Top ACT Prep in Tucson, AZ

As students approach their last years of high school, they start thinking about what happens next, and this gets more earnest as graduation approaches. For many students, continuing their education at a college or university close to home is the plan. In Tucson, that could mean the University of Arizona or another nearby school. Some students also think about specific degree programs at schools further away. Regardless of where they would like to attend college, many postsecondary institutions require the inclusion of a college admissions exam score for student application to earn consideration. The ACT is one exam that accomplishes this. If you or your student is facing the ACT, adequate preparation is a smart move. Veritas Prep offers several Tucson ACT preparation choices that can help any student develop a solid study plan.

The ACT consists of four mandatory sections and one optional portion. Students must get through the English, Reading, Math, and Science sections. These sections each earn a score ranging between 1 and 36, and those scores are averaged out to determine an overall ACT score. The optional section on the ACT is Writing, but some schools prefer to see it in applications. Do your research for the schools you hope to attend to find out if you should take this section. The ACT Writing section affords students an extra 40 minutes on the exam and earns them a standalone Writing score between 2 and 12 that does not figure into the ACT composite score.

Tucson ACT prep from Veritas Prep has several smart options. A Tucson ACT course gives students all the materials they need to study on their own. On-demand video lessons, lesson guidebooks, and our ACT Question Bank give students instructive materials and practice. There’s also live homework help available if students get stuck on sample questions.

A Tuscon ACT class features live instruction from an expert on the ACT in an online classroom. Classes meet for 5 weeks, giving students 25 hours of class time that goes in depth on the topics the exam covers and strategies for success. This Tucson ACT prep option also includes the self-study materials included in our course.

Tucson ACT tutoring is perhaps the best option because students get to work directly with a test prep expert. A tutor will focus on a student’s individual goals and their best opportunities to improve their performance on the ACT. When you work with Tucson ACT tutors, Veritas Prep also gives you your choice of our ACT class or course for extra help outside of tutoring sessions.

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