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Top ACT Prep in Tampa, FL

Your ACT prep could make a difference in your application to college and your academic career. Schools such as the University of Tampa and the University of Southern Florida may be more interested in your application if it includes a high ACT score. Tampa ACT preparation from Veritas Prep provides a number of options to suit your ACT prep needs.

The ACT contains four mandatory sections and one optional section. The mandatory sections are Math, Reading, Science, and English. These sections are all in multiple-choice format and receive scores from 1 to 36. The optional section is Writing. This section is in essay format and is scored from 2 to 12. It takes two hours and 55 minutes to complete the ACT if you do not take the Writing portion. If you include the Writing section, the exam takes three hours and 35 minutes.

For those who thrive in a classroom atmosphere, a Tampa ACT class is a great option. Classes take place in live virtual classrooms. The instructors for these classes all received top scores on the ACT. You are able to interact with the teacher and your classmates as you discuss the content areas of the exam and strategies to do your best on the ACT. Your instructor can modify their instruction to account for the needs of the class. In addition to the structure of a classroom, you have access to question banks, lesson books, and other resources to help you maximize your Tampa ACT prep.

For those who desire to have more control over their ACT prep, Tampa ACT courses provide you with resources and the freedom to use them as you need. These courses include interactive video lessons which are available on-demand. Also, you have access to the same supplementary materials as those found in a Tampa ACT class. You can move through material at whatever speed works best for your prep. Included in the course is live access to homework tutors who can help you with any questions you may have.

Tampa ACT tutoring gives you access to flexibly scheduled sessions with a private tutor. Tampa ACT tutors will help you make a plan and adapt their instruction to your learning style. The immediate feedback and individualized attention that private tutoring provide can be a great help to your Tampa ACT prep.

If you believe that any of these Tampa ACT prep options from Veritas Prep could work for you, contact an academic advisor over the phone or via the internet. They can help you register for whichever option works best for you.

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