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Top ACT Prep in San Diego, CA

As a college-bound high school student in the San Diego area approaches their graduation date, their thoughts start to turn to attending schools like UC - San Diego, the University of San Diego, Point Loma Nazarene University, and San Diego State. Some students may also be thinking about other top universities further way or in other states. Whatever schools a student would like to attend, they will first need to gain admission. Students have to put together college applications for the schools they want to apply to, and one requirement that many schools have is the inclusion of a college admissions exam score. Students accomplish this by taking the SAT or the ACT, and in some cases, both. If the ACT is in your future, you’ll want to prepare for it so that you can try to perform at your best. This is where Veritas Prep comes in. We can help you put together a solid study plan with our selection of San Diego ACT prep offerings.

The ACT has 4 required sections: Reading, Science, Math, and English. The exam also has one optional section: Writing. It’s up to you to find out if the schools you would like to apply to want you to take the Writing section. You get 3 hours and 35 minutes to complete the exam if you take all sections and 40 minutes less if you only take the required sections. You will get a score between 1 and 36 on the required sections, which are then averaged out to give you your final ACT score. If you take the Writing section, you will get an extra standalone score between 2 and 12.

San Diego test preparation through Veritas Prep gives you a variety of options. One such option is our San Diego ACT course, which is a self-guided package of online test prep resources. We give you access to streamable interactive video lessons, a downloadable lesson guide, and plenty of practice problems through our ACT Question Bank.

San Diego ACT classes allow you to study in a live online environment with an instructor and classmates from anywhere you can connect to the Internet. Your instructor earned a top score on the ACT, and they can lead you through in-depth classes on the content and format of the exam during your 5-week class.

San Diego ACT tutoring allows you to work directly with an expert on the exam to focus on your best opportunities to improve your score. A tutor can teach to your learning style and work at your pace. San Diego tutors can also assess your capabilities to figure out where they should concentrate your sessions for the most effective learning. This San Diego test prep option also gives you access to your choice of our online resources.

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