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Top ACT Prep in Sacramento, CA

If your child’s academic goals include admission to a selective college or university, they likely have a strong incentive to perform well on the ACT. The ACT is a standardized exam consisting of sections on English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science, as well as an optional Writing section. If your child could use some help with their Sacramento ACT prep, Veritas Prep offers comprehensive packages to help students reach for their goal score.

Sacramento ACT prep packages begin with an independent online self-study plan consisting of interactive lessons, ACT lesson guidebooks, and an ACT question bank. These resources are available in HD quality on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones for added convenience. If your child experiences any problems while they study, the Sacramento ACT prep course is also the only one of its kind to include access to regular live homework help online.

Veritas Prep also offers an ACT class with 25 hours of study over five weeks. Classes are held in our innovative online classroom, allowing students to receive the benefits of live instruction anywhere with a stable internet connection. We also ensure that every instructor on our platform achieved a high ACT score themselves. These instructors have been in your child’s shoes and have developed test-taking strategies that can produce results.

For example, the ACT is a multiple-choice exam. Your child’s instructor may demonstrate how to use the information provided in one question to answer another, leveraging the test against itself to get a higher score. Strategies for attacking specific sections of the exam combine with instruction on the material the test covers to give students a robust test preparation experience.

Our academic advisors can also help you connect with a one-on-one ACT tutor who can jump-start your child’s test prep. Private tutors can take the time to understand how a student learns, which allows the tutor to design custom test prep sessions to improve study efficiency. A tutor can assess your child’s abilities and identify where they need to focus their efforts to maximize their score. You are also free to schedule tutoring sessions at your convenience. The result is a customized Sacramento ACT preparation experience that can be hard to find elsewhere!

If you’re interested in learning more about ACT prep in Sacramento, you can call our academic advisors or fill out the form on this page. With Veritas Prep, you can help your student build study skills and confidence for the ACT.

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