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Top ACT Prep in Rochester, NY

Whether you are applying to schools in the Rochester area such as the University of Rochester or Nazareth College, or schools across America, your ACT score can impact your application. Preparing for the ACT can feel overwhelming, but thankfully, Veritas Prep offers Rochester ACT preparation options. With a variety of offerings, you can meet your needs with one of the Rochester ACT prep options.

The ACT consists of two hours and 55 minutes for the four required sections and an additional 40 minutes for the optional Writing portion. The four mandatory sections are Reading, Science, English, and Math. These portions of the exam each receive their own score from 1 to 36. The Writing Portion is graded from 2 to 12.

Rochester ACT tutoring helps you prepare through intensive one-on-one tutoring. Rochester ACT tutors help you make a plan for studying based on your goals, academic skills, and learning preferences. You focus on the portions of the ACT that are the most challenging for you and you receive helpful feedback. Tutoring improves your Rochester ACT prep experience by helping you to build good habits in your test preparation. Sessions are available at a number of times, and you can attend from anywhere with an internet connection.

For those who want greater structure in their ACT prep, Rochester ACT classes offer 30 hours of instruction in a virtual classroom over 5 weeks. These live classes allow for the sorts of interactions that a classroom learning environment permits, but with the convenience of meeting online. All Rochester ACT class instructors scored well on the ACT and they are able to modify their instructional time to meet the needs of the class. All classes come with access to excellent supplemental materials to deepen your understanding of the content on the ACT, practice the kinds of questions that are on the ACT, and make a study plan for your time out of class.

Rochester ACT courses combine flexible online learning with robust materials for self-study. The courses are centered around on-demand interactive video lessons that teach through the core knowledge areas of the ACT. Additionally, you will have access to the same self-study materials as those offered in a Rochester ACT class. For homework problems that are challenging, live homework help is available at regular hours.

In order to help you make the best decision for your ACT prep, Veritas Prep offers several fine Rochester ACT prep options. If you believe that one of these options would work well for you, academic advisors are available online or over the phone to get you started today.

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