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Top ACT Prep in Riverside, CA

In Riverside California, many students who are approaching high school graduation think about attending college at the University of California-Riverside, California Baptist University, La Sierra University, or nearby schools like Harvey Mudd College. Other students may be interested in pursuing a degree at a college further away. Regardless of the school a student would like to attend, they will need to get through the college admissions process first. As part of an application, most schools expect a college admissions exam score from the ACT or SAT. If you’re looking at taking the ACT, you want to prepare adequately for this comprehensive exam. Veritas Prep is here to help you, so we have several Riverside ACT prep options to help you solidify your study plan.

When you take the ACT, you’ll have to face a section in Math, a section in Reading, an English section, and a section in Science. The sections each earn scores between 1 and 36 and are then compiled into a final 1 to 36 composite score. There is also a Writing section that students are not required to take, but some colleges prefer it. If you take the Writing section, you’ll get an additional score ranging between 2 and 12.

Riverside ACT test preparation from Veritas Prep gives you several different ways to prepare for the exam effectively. The first of these is Riverside ACT courses, which are self-guided study plans you can follow on your own time. You get interactive on-demand videos lessons that stream in HD quality on any modern device with an Internet connection. In addition to the videos, you get a downloadable lesson guide and access to our ACT Question Bank.

Riverside ACT classes feature a live instructor in a virtual online classroom. Instructors earned high scores on the ACT themselves and can share their insight while covering the material and sections of the exam in depth. This Riverside ACT prep option is popular for those who enjoy learning in a classroom style environment.

Riverside ACT tutoring allows you to get direct support from a test prep expert individually. A tutor can identify and focus on your best opportunities to improve your performance on the ACT. When you work with Riverside ACT tutors, you also get to choose whether you would like to access a course or class as part of your package.

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