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Top ACT Prep in Providence, RI

The ACT is typically given to students in their 11th or 12th year of high school, though it can be used for anyone hoping to pursue a college degree. This is one of the tests that colleges may use to assess your college readiness, as it covers a broad range of concepts that you will need to be proficient in. Veritas Prep’s academic advisors can help you take your studying to a new level by helping you select a Providence ACT prep package that works for you.

Selective institutions throughout Providence, such as Bryant University and Brown, may use your test scores on the ACT to determine if you’re prepared for the rigors of college-level coursework. There are four mandatory sections on this test: English, Reading, Science, and Math. You can choose to take the Writing portion as well. You’ll have three hours and 35 minutes to get through the full test. If you’d like a little extra support in your Providence ACT prep, there are many options available to you.

Each Providence ACT preparation package appeals to a different type of student’s needs. Those who prefer to study independently can sign up for a Providence ACT course to study with a variety of tools. With a course, you can stream and download interactive lesson videos that cover all aspects of the exam. You can skip around through topics or focus on specific areas in which you have the most opportunity for growth. You can implement one of several in-depth study guides and explore comprehensive lesson books. The course includes a multitude of practice tests, access to an ACT question bank, and the ability to contact a live instructor for help when you need it.

Providence ACT classes, on the other hand, combine the above independent study tools with the expert guidance of an accomplished instructor. Taught over a virtual interactive classroom, you and your fellow classmates can follow along with a teacher who has achieved top scores on their own ACT exam. They can demonstrate techniques, explain content, and help you get familiar with the overall exam. Overall, you can enjoy five weeks of classes for a total of 25 hours of study.

Perhaps you learn best when working one-on-one with private Providence ACT tutors online. You can meet online at your convenience to work with a top instructor who understands how to teach to your individual learning needs. They can create a customized learning plan that factors in your testing goals, skills, and more. Providence ACT tutoring is designed to be efficient and effective, allowing you to focus on what you’d like to study while working at a pace that works for you.

With so many Providence ACT prep choices to choose from, get in touch with a Veritas Prep academic advisor to learn more about the opportunities available to you!

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