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Top ACT Prep in Portland, OR

The ACT is a standardized exam the acts as the college admissions test of choice for many states in the country. For prospective college students in Portland, the SAT is usually the preferred exam for college admissions, but students can take the ACT as a way to provide themselves with the choice of which score they provide in their college applications. The Portland area offers students degree programs at institutions such as Reed College, the University of Portland, Lewis and Clark College, Pacific University, George Fox University, and others. If you want to take the ACT to pursue admission to one of these schools or others around the country, you should prepare for it specifically because it is different than the SAT. Veritas Prep is here to help you get ready for the exam with our Portland ACT preparation selections.

The ACT is an exam that covers academic disciplines through five different sections, though only four of the sections are mandatory. You must face the Science section, the Reading section, the English section, and the Math section. You will get 2 hours and 55 minutes to complete the standard ACT. There is also a Writing section that you can choose to take. You should look into the colleges that you may want to attend to find out if they expect to see an ACT Writing score in your application before you sign up for the exam. If you decide to tackle the ACT Writing section, you will get an extra 40 minutes to do so. The required sections on the exam each earn scores between one and 36, and those scores are then averaged for your composite ACT score. The Writing section earns its own separate score.

Our Portland ACT prep options provide any kind of student with the help they need to get ready for exam day. For students who enjoy studying on their own time and feel comfortable working through preparation material on their own, a Portland ACT course may be the right choice. The course comes with streaming video lessons, lesson guides, and access to our ACT Question Bank for practice.

A Portland ACT class gives students 25 hours of instruction in a virtual classroom. The instructor will be someone who achieved a high ACT score, and they can go into detail about the exam and each section while covering academic topics and strategies for maximizing one’s score. This Portland ACT option also comes with the same tools as our course.

Portland ACT tutoring lets students study with a test prep expert at their side. The dedicated guidance of a tutor can ensure that students are always working on their best chances to improve their score. When students choose Portland ACT tutors, Veritas Prep also allows them their choice of our courses or classes for extra learning.

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