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Top ACT Prep in Phoenix, AZ

As students in the Phoenix area get closer to high school graduation, they begin to think about what they will be doing next. For many students, it could be nearby schools like Arizona State University or Arizona Christian University. For some others, it may be a particular degree program at a college in another state. Either way, students will need to put together a solid application package for college admissions offices. One hurdle in getting your application together is to take a college admissions exam like the ACT so that you can provide your score. If you need to take the ACT, you’ll want to prepare as well as you can. If you could use some help in your studies, reach out to the academic advisors at Veritas Prep. We have a suite of Phoenix ACT prep options that match the needs of any student.

When you sit for the ACT, you will have to take the Reading section, the English section, the Science section, and the Math section. You can also opt to take the Writing section, and some schools may request it specifically. If you take only the mandatory sections, you will have 2 hours and 55 minutes to complete the exam and will earn a score ranging between one and 36. If you take the ACT PLUS Writing, you will have an extra 45 minutes and earn an additional score ranging from 2 to 12.

Phoenix ACT prep from Veritas Prep gives you a number of different ways to study. For example, Phoenix ACT classes allow you to study with an experienced instructor who knows the ACT well. Instructors earned top-notch scores on the exam, and they will go in-depth with you during 25 hours of class time over the span of 5 weeks. You’ll meet your instructor in a virtual online classroom, and you can communicate with both your teacher and your peers.

Phoenix ACT courses give students a self-guided study path. Courses feature on-demand video lessons that you can stream over the Internet. Along with the video lessons, you’ll get downloadable lesson guidebooks and access to the ACT Question Bank, which is full of practice problems. Should you get stuck on any practice problems during your own study time, you can reach out regularly for live homework help.

Phoenix ACT tutoring may be the best option of all. A tutor can give you dedicated attention to your test prep so that you are focusing on the areas of the exam were you have the best opportunity to improve your performance. Phoenix ACT tutors teach your learning style and work through material at your pace, ensuring you feel comfortable with concepts before moving on.

Whenever Phoenix ACT preparation option you choose, it’s hard to go wrong with Veritas Prep. Contact our academic advisors today to get started.

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