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Top ACT Prep in New Haven, CT

For your child to reach their goals of getting into a selective school, whether it’s Yale University or the University of New Haven, a high score on a college admission exam like the ACT is important. The ACT is a standardized exam that measures your child’s skills in major subjects. Over 2 hours and 55 minutes, they’ll be challenged with multiple choice questions in English, Math, Reading, and Science (each respective section is scored on a scale from 1-36). An optional Writing section, scored from 2-12 based on the proficiency your child demonstrates, brings the allotted test time to 3 hours and 35 minutes. If preparing for the exam proves challenging, consult with an academic advisor and Veritas Prep can set them up with courses, classes, and New Haven ACT tutoring.

Some children are independent learners. We offer an online ACT course that includes a question bank, so your child can practice with the multiple-choice questions on the exam. Lesson guidebooks and interactive tutorials are included as well to help your child with New Haven ACT prep. The content can be viewed on any computer, tablet, or smartphone connected to the Internet. Should any problems be encountered, live homework help is available from experienced New Haven ACT instructors.

One-on-one tutoring is led by experienced New Haven ACT tutors. When you enroll your child in this program, a private tutor will work with your student, assess their abilities, and identify the topics that need to be covered the most during custom-designed New Haven ACT prep sessions. Lessons can be scheduled around your time as well.

Veritas Prep also offers an ACT led by qualified instructors who have experience taking the ACT and teaching its content and format. Instructors have also achieved high ACT scores, so you can rest assured your child will receive helpful tips and advice. Students in a New Haven ACT preparation class learn test-taking strategies, interact with their instructor and peers, and get the same materials as in a self-guided course. Also, with multiple concurrent sessions, you student can pick a class that meets at a convenient time for them.

If you want to more about how New Haven ACT prep can help your child, call Veritas Prep or fill out the form on this page. We offer helpful New Haven ACT courses as well as classes and tutoring options for your student to build their knowledge, study skills, and confidence.

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