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Top ACT Prep in Memphis, TN

For any high-schooler nearing graduation, applying for college can seem like a daunting task. One of the first steps for many students is to take what is called the ACT. This college-entrance examination is often used as a part of the decision-making process by college admissions boards. As such, you’ll want to do well. If you were wondering how to get to know the test better, there are luckily many different Memphis ACT prep options available. Veritas Prep can help you determine the course of action that can help you to pursue your academic goals.

The ACT is generally taken by high school students who are in their junior or senior years. The test is made up of four essential sections that include Reading, Science, Math, and English. These sections are scored from 1 to 36 and have a total test time of 2 hours and 55 minutes. There is, however, a Writing portion of the exam as well. This is graded from 2 to 12 and brings the total test time up to 3 hours and 35 minutes. As some schools require this portion to be completed, it is worth checking with each prospective university to see their specific requirements.

One of the best options for Memphis ACT prep is tutoring. Online tutoring allows you to work one on one with an expert on the test. You can ask questions and get feedback in real time. Memphis ACT tutors can get to know your specific learning style and offer a level of customization to lessons that traditional classroom settings can rarely afford. On top of that, Memphis ACT tutoring is highly flexible, allowing you to set up lessons at times that work best for you.

Memphis ACT classes are another great option. Online classes are taught by knowledgeable instructors who themselves are top scorers on the test. They can offer unique insights and tips that can illuminate challenging subjects and show you different ways of approaching difficult sections. You can reach out to your instructor with questions as well. What’s more, there are even more resources available for your use that include downloadable interactive videos and study guides that can be taken on the go.

For students looking for ultimate flexibility, another great Memphis ACT prep option is a course. Courses are self-paced and allow you to go through interactive video lessons at the speed that is right for you. You also have access to highly skilled instructors who can help you if you get stuck on a challenging subject. If flexibility is important to you, Memphis ACT courses could be a great option.

Whether you have your sights set on the University of Memphis or are looking elsewhere, doing well on the ACT is important. Contact Veritas Prep by phone or email to speak with an academic advisor who can help you decide which Memphis ACT preparation option is best.

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