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Top ACT Prep in Lakeland, FL

High school students in Lakeland, Florida have a variety of solid regional options to choose from as they begin applying to colleges. Places like Florida Southern College, Southeastern University, and Florida Polytechnic University offer a chance to get a great education close to home. For many students, one of the first steps of the college application process is taking the ACT. However, it can be difficult to prepare for the exam due to its comprehensive nature. If you’d like some help with your Lakeland ACT prep, get in touch with Veritas Prep. Academic advisors can help you select the best Lakeland ACT prep option for your needs.

The ACT is split into five sections, four of which are required. Students can choose to take the exam’s optional Writing section, which doesn’t affect their composite test score. The other sections of the exam feature multiple-choice questions and cover English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. Students get a total of three hours and thirty-five minutes to complete their ACT if they take the optional Writing section. They receive sectional scores ranging from 1 to 36 for each multiple-choice segment and a score ranging from 2 to 12 for their optional Writing response.

Veritas Prep offers Lakeland ACT prep in the form of tutoring, courses, and classes. Each of these options has unique benefits that may appeal to different types of students. For example, Lakeland ACT tutors may be best for students who want individualized attention from their instructor. Conversely, students who value the traditional feeling of classroom learning may prefer to sign up for one of our Lakeland ACT classes. These take place virtually in a live format with an expert instructor.

Finally, our Lakeland ACT courses are a solid choice for students who value flexibility in their study plan. Our courses take place online and feature interactive video lessons that you can watch on-demand. Whichever Lakeland ACT preparation option you ultimately sign up for will also include supplementary online learning materials. You can use our comprehensive ACT lesson books and homework guides to build even more confidence in your test-taking abilities.

Whether you prefer Lakeland ACT tutoring, our courses, or our classes, Veritas Prep can help you reach for your ACT goals. If you think you’d benefit from one of our test prep offerings, then reach out to an academic advisor either online or by phone. Preparing for the ACT doesn’t have to be as stressful as it may be when studying alone.

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