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Top ACT Prep in Knoxville, TN

If your child has been talking about colleges and the admissions process, they likely have also been talking about entrance exams such as the ACT. Earning a top score on entrance exams like the ACT can help your child get admitted into colleges such as the University of Tennessee, South College-Parkside, and Knoxville College. Preparing for the exam isn’t always easy because it is comprehensive and detailed. If you want to get your child the help they deserve that also fits into their busy lives, Veritas Prep has Knoxville ACT preparation packages for every learning style.

Knoxville ACT prep courses and classes start with a base of multiple self-study resources like ACT lesson guidebooks, ACT question banks, and 1 year of access to these resources. These resources can all be found in HD from your smartphone, tablet, or computer for added convenience. A Knoxville ACT course includes all of these resources as well as live homework help during regular times.

Veritas Prep offers a Knoxville ACT class that lasts five weeks and consists of 25 hours of study. Classes are held online in innovative digital classrooms, allowing your child to get the benefits of a live class from anywhere that they can access the internet. The instructor knows exactly what your child needs to know in each section of the test and they can teach your child about the format. The ACT consists of all multiple-choice questions. Your child’s instructor can teach them how to use the information from one question to answer another, leveraging the exam against itself.

An academic advisor can also connect your child with Knoxville ACT tutors who can jump-start your child’s test prep. Knoxville ACT tutoring ensures that your child gets a personalized experience with one-on-one time with a knowledgeable instructor. A tutor can assess where your child is at in their abilities and then identify where they need to spend the most time studying. Each session can be held when it fits into your child’s busy schedule. The result is a customized Knoxville ACT prep experience that can be beneficial to your child.

If you are interested in learning more about the Knoxville ACT prep packages, you can call an academic advisor or use the form on this page. Contact us today to get your child the help they need to go into the exam day with more confidence. We are looking forward to helping your child go into test day with more confidence.

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