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Top ACT Prep in Houston, TX

Significant changes in a student’s academic career are exciting. This kind of change is particularly noticeable when a student is finishing twelfth grade and heading to college. For students in Houston, Texas, there are a variety of colleges that they may prefer to attend. Universities like the University of Houston and Rice University have plenty of degree possibilities that can provide a starting point for any undergraduate to identify their academic interests. However, in order to complete your application for these institutions, you might have to take a college entrance test such as the ACT. Veritas Prep is here to help you prepare yourself for the ACT with a variety of Houston ACT prep options. Keep reading to understand why Houston ACT preparation may be a great choice for you.

The ACT is a five-part exam with sections on Writing, Reading, English, Science, and Mathematics. The assessment’s Writing section is taken by choice, and individuals who choose to do it have 3 hours and 35 minutes to get done with their test. Students who choose the Writing section get 2 hours and 55 minutes to finish the test.

Houston ACT prep from Veritas Prep is available in the form of classes, tutoring, and courses. Students who prefer to maintain their scheduling flexibility may choose a Houston ACT course. Courses consist of interactive training videos that are streamable on-demand on a computer, phone, or tablet. They will also come with regular homework help from experienced ACT instructors. Other students may prefer the expertise available with a Houston ACT class. Classes replicate the conventional in-class learning setting by having a live web class including peers.

Some young people prefer to study alongside Houston ACT tutors. Tutors will dedicate themselves to one student using a tailored educational experience according to that specific student’s aims, learning type, and capabilities. Houston ACT tutoring is also a versatile study choice because you can select what time your tutoring sessions happen. All of these assessment preparation possibilities include the means to access web learning resources that will help you round out your study plan.

If you think that you may benefit from Houston ACT prep, then get in touch with an academic advisor at Veritas Prep. They are available to speak with you online and also over the phone. They’ll help you understand your options and come to a final choice that is commensurate with your goals. Let’s get started today!

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