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Top ACT Prep in El Paso, TX

As you near the end of your high school years, it’s time to begin thinking about your post-secondary future. Perhaps you want to attend a college like Southwest University at El Paso and want assistance with studying for the ACT. Please reach out to a representative at Veritas Prep and ask about our El Paso ACT prep program.

Many 11th and 12th graders take college admissions exams like the ACT to boost their chances of acceptance to their desired college. The ACT possesses 215 questions within four sections. (It has 216 questions if you include the voluntary Writing section.) The English section covers skills like sentence structure, style, and grammar usage. It has a forty-five-minute time limit. The Math section consists of trigonometry and various levels of algebra and geometry. You have an hour to answer the questions. The Reading section tests your reading comprehension abilities, and you have 35 minutes to finish it. The Science section involves subjects like problem-solving, analysis, and interpretation, and like the Reading section, you need to complete it in 35 minutes. The Writing section lets you put your essay-writing skills into play. It’s highly suggested that you complete this 40-minute essay question because some colleges require it, plus it helps you practice for writing assignments you’ll have when you enter college. The mandatory sections are worth 1 to 36 points, and the Writing section earns you 2 to 12 points.

With an El Paso ACT prep program, you have diverse options in which to study for the test. Choose one or more if you desire. El Paso ACT tutoring allows you to participate in private lessons with a test preparation expert. These El Paso ACT tutors conduct sessions at a pace you’re comfortable with, plus you have the freedom of creating a tutoring schedule that fits your lifestyle.

An El Paso ACT class is virtual, enabling you to interact with your teacher and peers through your computer. This 25-hour, five-week program provides a structured environment and hands-on experience with practice exams.

You may like the El Paso ACT course if you possess self-study skills. This El Paso ACT preparation option comes with lesson guidebooks and video lessons you can save on your mobile device and view on your free time. There’s also a homework help instructor available to answer your questions.

Do you want to know more about these three helpful ACT services? Then, contact us at Veritas Prep today to find out more about our El Paso ACT prep options.

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