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Top ACT Prep in Denver, CO

During the college application process, most universities request an ACT score. If you’re applying for school at the University of Colorado Denver, you will likely need to take this exam as part of the application requirements. The ACT is a standardized test that includes English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science sections. Students can also take the optional Writing section if their university of interest is interested in that score. If you or your child are interested in receiving help while studying for the ACT, let Veritas Prep help. At Veritas Prep, we offer preparation packages that provide students with helpful study tools.

Our first available package is the self study package, which allows students to work independently and online. If you or your child works best on their own, the resources in this package can help a student study on their own time while preparing to submit their application to Regis University or the University of Denver. The self study package is available on a desktop, iPad, or iPhone device. Students may utilize this package to watch 10 advanced video lessons, download or stream HD lessons, and receive live online homework help whenever they need it.

If you or your student works better with instruction, consider the live class. This online class includes 25 hours of lessons, which take place over the course of five weeks. The instructors teaching these classes have taken the ACT and performed well, so they know exactly what a student is going through as they prepare for this standardized exam. The live instruction of the class allows students to interact with their teacher and their peers to receive the help they’re interested in.

The final package we here at Veritas Tutors have to offer is the private tutoring package. With this option, students can receive one-on-one guidance as they prepare for their ACT exam. The individualized approach to learning allows a student to ask questions and receive direct answers. A tutor can also help a student better understand their weaknesses and areas of need. With the private tutoring package, students pick whether they meet in person or online with their tutor. They also decide on the time and place. Your child can work at a time and place that is most ideal for their needs through this package.

The ACT test is the leading college admissions test in the United States. If this 3 hour and 35 minute exam is intimidating you or your child, seek help to feel more prepared. Veritas Tutors provides the resources that students can take advantage of to feel more confident in their skills as their ACT test date approaches. To get started with ACT prep, reach out to Veritas Tutors today.

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