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Top ACT Prep in Birmingham, AL

Each year, thousands of high school students across the country take the ACT. This exam is an important part of the admissions process at many universities in the United States. For example, students in Birmingham, Alabama, may take the ACT as they get ready to apply to local schools like Samford University and Birmingham-Southern College. However, preparing for the ACT can be difficult because of its comprehensive nature. If you’d like some help getting ready to take the ACT, Veritas Prep has several Birmingham ACT prep options that may appeal to you. Continue reading to learn more.

The ACT is a five-part test that consists of much of the material you learned about in your core high school classes. The exam goes over important topics in English, Reading, Science, Math, and Writing. While the ACT’s Writing portion is optional, a lot of students decide to do it as it gives them a chance to showcase their writing abilities for colleges. When you take the ACT, you’ll only be given three hours and thirty-five minutes to complete your exam.

Veritas Prep offers Birmingham ACT prep in a variety of forms. For instance, you could take a Birmingham ACT class. Classes occur online in a virtual classroom and feature lectures from teachers who have taken the ACT and who earned a top-tier score. Other students may prefer the convenience of a Birmingham ACT course. These are made up of a number of interactive video lessons that you can view on-demand. This option makes sense for students with a busy schedule or for those who just value flexibility in their studying process.

Other students may prefer working with Birmingham ACT tutors. Meeting with a tutor is a chance to work directly with an educator who can give you personal feedback on your work. Your tutor can also develop a customized lesson plan for you that addresses your biggest areas of concern. Whichever Birmingham ACT preparation option you choose will also come with access to Veritas Prep’s bountiful online ACT learning materials. These give you a chance to get extra practice with the test content that gives you the most trouble.

Want to learn more about Birmingham ACT prep from Veritas Prep? If so, get in touch with an academic advisor today online or on the phone. They can help you learn more about offerings like Birmingham ACT tutoring that may help you pursue your test goals more confidently. We’d love to help you reach for your ACT goals.

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