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Top ACT Prep in Akron, OH

The ACT is a standardized exam commonly taken by high school students in Akron, Ohio, as part of the college admissions process. Schools around the country accept ACT scores, providing the convenience of using the same test score for local colleges like Herzing University as well as out-of-state institutions. Of course, you need to earn your best possible score if you’re going to use it on multiple applications. Veritas Prep offers an extensive selective of Akron ACT preparation materials to help you pursue your educational goals.

The ACT consists of four mandatory multiple-choice sections (Reading, Math, Science, English) plus an optional Writing section. All of the multiple-choice sections are scored on a scale from 1-36, and there is no penalty for incorrect responses. The essay is scored on a scale from 2-12. You have three hours and 35 minutes to finish the test if you take the Writing section, and two hours and 55 minutes if you don’t.

We offer an Akron ACT preparation package for nearly every student. For example, our Akron ACT courses consist of electronic guidebooks, practice problems, and interactive lessons to help you study wherever and wherever you want. Everything can be streamed on your mobile device, and you can stop a video on one device and resume it on another for added flexibility. Our courses also include regular live homework help so that you can ask an expert for assistance if you get stuck.

Alternatively, you can attend a live Akron ACT class taught by somebody who performed well on the test. Our innovative online classroom hosts students around the country, enabling you to exchange ideas with a diverse student body. We also offer multiple class times concurrently so that students have no difficulty finding a session that fits into their schedule.

If you’re looking for one-on-one attention, Akron ACT tutoring may be for you. Akron ACT tutors can answer any questions you have on the spot, from generic queries concerning the format of the ACT to whether or not you should take the essay portion of the test. An Akron tutor can also take the time to understand your specific needs and design study sessions around them to improve study efficiency.

No matter your needs and budget, Veritas Prep offers an Akron ACT prep solution that suits you. If you are interested in learning more about everything we offer or need help deciding which Akron ACT prep program is right for you, please reach out to an academic advisor by phone or through the contact form below for more details. Let’s jump start your academic future together!

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