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VP - ACT Math Prep and Practice

Students are allotted 60 minutes to complete 60 questions on the math section of the ACT. When it comes to ACT practice, math problems can be a challenge for some students. Veritas Prep is the perfect choice for students who are planning to take the ACT and need help with math. ACT prep work can be done more effectively with the assistance of one of our experienced online tutors. Plus, with Veritas Prep’s ACT 36 strategies, students can get an edge over their peers! Check out a few easy things that students can do to prepare for the math section of the ACT. Learn About the Math Test For most students, it’s helpful to know what type of material to expect to see on a test. The math section of the ACT includes questions on pre-algebra as well as elementary and intermediate algebra. Coordinate geometry, plane geometry, and trigonometry are also topics in this section. All of the questions are multiple-choice, and students can use a calculator on the test if they choose to. Once a student learns the type of material that they will encounter on the test, the next step is to sharpen those skills by completing dozens of ACT math practice questions. Answer ACT Math Practice Questions A student looking at an ACT math study guide will likely find a collection of practice tests. By taking these tests and studying the results, a student can gauge where they need the most help. This makes study time more efficient. A student can review various math topics and then take another practice test to determine whether there is any improvement. Taking these tests also allows a student to get into the habit of finishing all 60 problems in the span of 60 minutes. Veritas Prep has many skillful instructors who excel in helping students prepare for the math portion of the ACT. During an ACT math prep session, an instructor offers tips and proven strategies that a student can use while preparing for and taking the test. Our professional instructors review practice test results with students in order to pinpoint any difficulties. In addition, we can teach students how to use the PIN technique. This is a practical method that helps students tackle even the most challenging algebra problems. Students receive the encouragement they need to master all of the problems presented to them in the math section. Get Back into the Habit of Using a Pencil While taking practice tests, students should get into the habit of writing down their work. This is a basic tool used in ACT prep. Math problems sometimes require a student to complete several steps. Not surprisingly, it’s easier to find a mistake if a student writes down all of the steps. Writing down the steps of a problem may seem like a waste of time, but it proves helpful if a student makes a mistake in the middle of a long equation. Of course, if a student sees the answer to a problem right away, it’s not necessary to write down the steps. Review Math Vocabulary Words Reviewing various math-related vocabulary words can prove helpful to a student. While doing additional exercises in their math textbooks, students may encounter unfamiliar vocabulary words. They can look up the definition of each word and write it down on a flashcard to review it. These types of vocabulary words can be found in magazine articles about mathematics and even in electronic books and similar resources. Students performing this type of ACT math prep may find that learning the definitions of unfamiliar words can help them to better understand a particular area of math. Read the Instructions for the Math Test In our ACT prep courses, we advise students to read the math instructions before test day arrives. Students who know the instructions beforehand are able to focus solely on performing well on the test. In addition, students who are anxious on test day will probably not pay attention to the instructions. Consequently, it’s a wise idea for students to read the instructions at their leisure when they are feeling relaxed. Veritas Prep is an ideal option for students who need some assistance with math. ACT practice with Veritas Prep instructors can provide students with a new sense of confidence in their math skills.