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ACT Writing Practice and Prep

Though the writing portion of the ACT is optional, many students take the test so they can show off their writing skills to colleges. On this test, students are given a written prompt and must craft an essay that explains their point of view on a significant issue. At Veritas Prep, our ACT prep courses and private tutoring sessions provide students with the tools they need to create a convincing essay. Check out a few tips students can use to prepare for the writing test on the ACT.

Practice Editorial-Style Writing

On the writing portion of the test, students are asked to take a side on a particular issue. A student can practice this skill by writing editorials. An editorial assignment gives a student the opportunity to learn how to establish and support a specific point of view. They also learn how to organize ideas in a logical way. It’s useful for a student to purposely take a point of view that they don’t agree with. This teaches an individual how to come up with solid evidence to support any point of view. We can help students to evaluate the various points of a practice essay to determine where they can improve. Our encouraging instructors are experts at helping students present their best work on this portion of the ACT.

Keep Up with the Latest News

Going online and reading newspaper articles is another form of ACT writing prep work. A student who is informed about current events can draw upon that knowledge when writing an essay for the ACT. A student may be able to utilize specific examples from news stories to support their point of view. In addition, a student can practice writing essays based on controversial issues found in newspaper articles. Reading newspapers also provides effective ACT vocabulary practice when a student encounters an unfamiliar word. After the student looks up the definition, the word becomes part of their vocabulary.

Complete Timed Writing Assignments

Students are given just 30 minutes to complete the writing portion of the ACT. This is why timed ACT writing practice proves extremely helpful to many students. With the help of a timer on their cell phone, a wristwatch, or even an oven timer, students can get into the habit of writing a complete essay in the span of 30 minutes. Students who do this exercise don’t have to worry about rushing to finish their essay in the last few minutes of the test period. Not surprisingly, students who feel anxious about the essay on the ACT can feel more at ease if they establish the proper writing pace.

Practice Creating Brief Outlines

It’s helpful for a student to make a brief outline of their ACT essay before starting to write it. So before beginning a practice essay, a student should craft a short outline on a scrap piece of paper. The outline should contain sections for the introduction, each piece of supporting evidence, and a conclusion. A student can jot down a word or two that encompasses what each section covers. Making a quick outline on test day can be helpful, especially if a student loses their train of thought during the test. They can simply glance at the outline to review the general setup of the essay.

Read and Expand Your Vocabulary

Reading novels, magazines, online articles, and other electronic resources also serves as ACT prep. Vocabulary words that a student learns in these publications can be used in the essay. After all, ACT essay-graders are paying attention to a student’s choice of words. Our professional instructors at Veritas Prep provide students with different methods of ACT vocabulary practice so students have no problem coming up with the right words for their essay. Instructors also guide students in ACT grammar practice so they can craft an essay that is polished and easy to follow.

The talented instructors on our team at Veritas Prep scored in the 99th percentile on the ACT. This means that the essay-writing strategies that we offer are based on proven success. So whether a student is looking to partner with one of our instructors for ACT grammar practice or simply needs a few writing tips, our team at Veritas Prep can help!