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Top ACT Courses in San Diego, CA

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Top ACT Courses in San Diego, CA

The San Diego Area has over 20 post-secondary institutions with some of them including Thomas Jefferson School of Law and Point Loma Nazarene University. If you want to attend these or other colleges, you’ll have to obtain a solid score on a college admissions exam like the ACT. Veritas Prep can be of assistance by offering you a San Diego ACT course.

The ACT is an exam that colleges use to determine one’s aptitude for college-level assignments. Eleventh and 12th graders commonly take the test even though younger students are welcome to take it if they wish. The ACT is offered six times a year and contains 215 multiple-choice questions that cover Mathematics, English, Science, and Reading. The exam also has one Writing section that’s voluntary. The four mandatory sections earn you 1 to 36 points each. You will earn 2 to 12 points on the Writing section. If you want to include the Writing portion, you have three hours and thirty-five minutes to complete the test. If you just want to answer the multiple-choice questions, you have two hours and fifty-five minutes to finish the ACT.

San Diego ACT courses are suitable for pupils who possess self-efficiency and who like working on their own schedule. They come with convenient tools that you can save on your mobile device to view at any time. You’ll get pre-recorded, on-demand videos with HD components. You’ll also receive an ACT Question Bank, which gives you hands-on experience with the test. Even better, these courses provide consistent access to an instructor who can help you with homework. We know how difficult it is to prepare for the ACT as well as juggle other teen responsibilities. Therefore, we try to facilitate things for you by combining instructor insight with a flexible program.

In addition to the aforementioned tools, each San Diego ACT course includes auxiliary learning materials like homework guides and lesson books. They assist you with the ACT’s structure and timing so that you can be ready to face it on the day of the test. Like the other lesson tools, they’re digital, so you can download and access them at your convenience.

Wherever you plan to go to school, doing well on the ACT might play a major role in your college success. Do you want to know more about how any of our San Diego ACT courses can help you? Then, fill out the form or pick up the phone and reach out to Veritas Prep today.

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