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Top ACT Courses in San Antonio, TX

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Top ACT Courses in San Antonio, TX

As you approach your college years, you may be considering going to schools like the University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas A & M University-San Antonio, or another post-secondary institution in the city. Perhaps you’re thinking about the ACT, a well-known college admissions exam. If you want some help getting ready for test day, you can sign up for a San Antonio ACT course through Veritas Prep so that you can confidently approach it.

The ACT is an exam that high school upperclassmen take as part of the application to their school of choice. The test is offered during the months of April, June, July, September, October, and December. The ACT covers Math, Science, Reading, and English. Topics the exam tests include reading comprehension, geometry, grammar, algebra, and problem-solving. There’s also a Writing portion, which is optional. On the four required sections, pupils will receive a score ranging from 1 to 36. They will earn a score between 2 to 12 on the Writing portion. With the Writing section, students have three hours and thirty-five minutes to finish the exam. Without the Writing section, students have two hours and fifty-five minutes to complete it.

A San Antonio ACT course may be the thing you need to face the challenges of the ACT. It’s designed for a student who likes working alone and at their own pace. It lets you concentrate on anything you need more work on while offering handy study tools. The course includes 12 on-demand high-definition video lessons that you can download or stream on your computer. It also includes handy tools like an ACT Question Bank and regular access to live homework help instructors in case you get stuck on a topic. We’re glad to offer a program that does an excellent job of mixing a flexible schedule and the guidance of an expert instructor.

When you sign up for a San Antonio ACT course, you also get supplementary learning tools including lesson books, homework guides, and thorough study plans. They give you a taste of the ACT’s structure and timing; therefore, you’d know what to expect when the day of the test arrives.

Wherever you plan to seeker higher education, we at Veritas Prep do everything in our power to assist you along the way. If you want more information on how a San Antonio ACT course can help you, please reach out to an academic advisor through this site or via phone today.

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