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Top ACT Courses in Riverside, CA

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Top ACT Courses in Riverside, CA

When Riverside, California students reach the back half of their high school careers, thoughts of continuing their education at the University of California - Riverside, the nearby University of Redlands, or another area school often come to mind. Some students may even be thinking about a particular program they have an interest in that’s outside of the region. No matter what a student’s preferred school is, chances are they will need to include a college admissions exam score in their application. Students can take the SAT or ACT to accomplish this. If the ACT is an exam that is in your future, you will want to prepare adequately to perform at your best. That’s where we get involved. Veritas Prep is proud to provide you are Riverside ACT course. To find out more, contact our academic advisors or keep reading.

The ACT test students in sections covering English, Reading, Math, and Science. The sections are all required, but an optional Writing section exists as well. If you decide to take the Writing section, you will have 3 hours and 35 minutes to take the ACT, and 40 minutes less if you do not. Your composite score represents the four required sections and will be in a range between one and 36. The Writing section, should you choose to take it, will provide you with a separate score ranging from 2 to 12.

Our Riverside ACT course is an excellent product for students who feel comfortable following their own study path. We provide you with top-notch resources that you can use to study in your free time. Our streaming video lessons let you learn about the exam in depth on any modern device that connects to the Internet. You can also download lesson guides and access the ACT Question Bank for practice problems. If you happen to have trouble solving a particular problem, you can log in to our live homework help, which is available on a regular basis. There, an instructor can show you how to solve any problems causing you trouble.

In addition to the resources mentioned above, a Riverside ACT course also gives you the opportunity to meet for a free admissions consultation with an expert who can give you advice about your college applications.

To get started with your Riverside ACT course, contact Veritas Prep today. We want to give you everything you need to put together your own effective ACT test prep plan.

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