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Top ACT Courses in Provo, UT

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Top ACT Courses in Provo, UT

If you are a high school student who is getting closer to graduation, schools like Brigham Young University, Provo College, and Utah Valley University may be in your sights. You probably already know that you’ll need an ACT or SAT score to apply to colleges like these and many others around the country. The ACT and SAT are different, and you’ll want to study for each in a deliberate way. If you are planning to take the ACT, Veritas Prep can assist you in your test prep. We offer a Provo ACT course that can help your study plan to be more effective.

The Provo ACT course gives you video lessons that cover each section of the exam. There’s Reading, Science, Math, and English. Video lessons go into these sections in depth and cover the academic material you will need to know as well. We also provide you with lesson guidebooks that you can use to follow along with the video lessons. The ACT also has a Writing section, so you should check with the schools you are planning to apply to and find out if they require an ACT Writing score.

The ACT scores each required section individually, but those scores are averaged to come up with an ACT composite score. The Writing section, if you decide to take it, provides you with an extra 40 minutes of exam time. You will receive a separate ACT Writing score that does not figure into your composite score.

With our Provo ACT course, you get access to our ACT Question Bank so you can practice with problems that are just like the ones you’ll find on the exam. You can drill on the Math section or wherever you feel like you need the most work. If you have trouble solving some of these problems, you can ask an instructor about them during our live homework help sessions.

In addition to the materials we provide with a Provo ACT course, we can also schedule you for a free consultation with one of our admissions consultants. During this time, you can get advice on how to make your college applications stand out.

If the idea of a self-guided study plan with great tools sounds like the right test prep option for you, sign up for a Provo ACT course with Veritas Prep today. Academic advisors are standing by to get you started.

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