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Top ACT Courses in Memphis, TN

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Top ACT Courses in Memphis, TN

High school students in Memphis, Tennessee look forward to attending college at schools like the University of Memphis, Rhodes College, and Christian Brothers University, among others. Some students may have aspirations of degree programs at schools further away. Regardless, students will have to get through the college admissions process, which for most schools means including a college admissions exam score in their application. If you are going to take the ACT to meet this requirement, you’ll need to prepare ahead of time to try to perform at your best. That’s where Veritas Prep can help. We have a Memphis ACT course that provides you with all of the resources you need for effective test prep.

The ACT is broken out into a Math section, a Reading section, a Science section, and an English section. Students must take these sections, which each earn scores ranging from 1 to 36. Those scores are averaged for the final ACT composite score. There is also a Writing section on the ACT, but students do not have to take it. Find out before you sign up for the test if a school you want to apply to wants to see your Writing score. If you take the Writing section, you get a separate score that ranges from 2 to 12.

Our Memphis ACT course provides you with a number of useful resources that you can use to follow your own self-study regimen. First, there are the on-demand ACT video lessons you can stream on your computer or mobile device. The lessons delve into the sections on the ACT and the academic topics you need to understand. There are also detailed lesson guidebooks you can work through that correspond with the videos.

Next, our Memphis ACT course provides you with plenty of practice problems through our ACT Question Bank. As you work through practice problems, you may get stuck trying to figure out an answer now and then. When this happens, you can mark the problem and bring it with you to our live online homework help sessions, where an instructor can walk you through an explanation to find the proper solution.

Finally, when you sign up for a Memphis ACT course, we give you a free admissions consultation with an admissions expert. They can provide you with guidance about putting together a good college application.

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