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Top ACT Courses in Los Angeles, CA

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Top ACT Courses in Los Angeles, CA

Many high school students in Los Angeles look forward to advancing their academic careers at schools like the University of Southern California and UCLA. Some other students have a particular program in mind at a college in another state. Whatever school a student hopes to attend, there is a good chance they will need to include their scores from college admissions exams such as the ACT. While the SAT may be the college admissions test of choice in California, the ACT serves the same purpose, and many students may decide to take it in addition to the SAT so they can choose which exam score to share with a college admissions office. If you’re thinking about taking the ACT, you probably know that you should be preparing for the exam to perform at your best. Veritas Prep can help you when you sign up for one of our Los Angeles ACT courses.

The ACT assesses similar skills to the SAT through four required sections on Reading, Science, English, and Mathematics. In addition to these mandatory sections, students can choose whether or not to take the optional Writing section. Many students choose to take the Writing section because a program they are interested in applying to wants to see it. The optional Writing section earns a separate score from the rest of the ACT, with a range of 2 to 12. The mandatory portions of the exam earn from 1 to 36 points each, and then those scores are combined for a composite overall ACT score of 1 to 36. If students take the entire exam, they have 3 hours and 35 minutes to complete the ACT. If they opt not to take the Writing section, they will have a little under 3 hours to finish.

A Los Angeles ACT course from Veritas Prep provides students with all the resources they need to study on their own for the exam. The self-study resources we provide include interactive video lessons that students can access on demand on any device that can connect to the Internet. Students also receive lesson guidebooks to correlate with the videos and access to an ACT Question Bank that features practice problems similar to those a student will see on the actual test. If students get stuck along the way solving practice problems, they can access regular homework help from a live instructor on a regular basis. Our Los Angeles ACT course also provides students with one free consultation with an admissions expert who can help them understand how to put together a persuasive application.

If a Los Angeles ACT course sounds good to you, Veritas Prep’s academic advisors are standing by to answer your questions and sign you up.

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