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Top ACT Courses in Jackson, MS

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Top ACT Courses in Jackson, MS

If you are a high school student in Jackson, Mississippi, preparing to send out college applications, you are probably familiar with the ACT. The ACT is a standardized exam that high school juniors and seniors take to demonstrate their academic readiness for an undergraduate workload. The score is accepted by universities across the country, meaning that you can apply to a local school such as Belhaven University and an out-of-state college using the same exam. That said, the ACT can be tough. If you’re looking for comprehensive test prep materials, Veritas Prep offers Jackson ACT courses containing everything you need for effective independent study.

The ACT consists of five sections, one of which is optional. The four mandatory sections are English, Math, Reading, and Science. Each is comprised of multiple-choice questions and scored on a scale from 1-36. Some of the questions may also cover multiple academic disciplines. For instance, the passage provided on the Reading section may be drawn from a historical document you could have studied in social studies class. There is no penalty for guessing on the ACT, so you should try to provide an answer to every question during your prep.

The fifth and final section is an essay you don’t have to take. Still, certain programs may require ACT scores to include the writing component, so don’t immediately write it off. The essay is scored on a scale from 2-12, considering factors such as organization, grammar, spelling, and clarity. The whole exam has a duration of three hours and 35 minutes without the essay and two hours, 55 minutes with it.

Our Jackson ACT course includes in-depth guidebooks, question banks, and interactive lessons to help guide your independent study. Everything is available electronically on your preferred device, permitting you to study anywhere with a stable internet connection. You can even pause a video on one device and resume it on another for additional flexibility.

Each Jackson ACT course also includes access to regular live homework help. Basically, this means that you can direct any questions you have to an expert while retaining the flexibility to study on your own schedule. It doesn’t get much better than that!

If you’re interested in learning more about our Jackson ACT course or the other test prep services we provide, please reach out to an academic advisor using the contact form on this page or by telephone. We look forward to helping you jump start your future!

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