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Top ACT Courses in Fresno, CA

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Top ACT Courses in Fresno, CA

If you are a junior or senior looking forward to college, you have probably heard that you need to make yourself stick out so your application doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. If you are thinking about taking the ACT to help increase your chances, consider signing up for a Fresno ACT course to get help preparing for the exam. Veritas Prep can get you started with an ACT course that can help you prepare to do your best on exam day.

Whether you want to attend Fresno City College, California State University Fresno, or another school of your choice, you can benefit from taking the ACT. The ACT contains four mandatory sections including Science, Math, Reading, and English. There is also an additional Writing section. You are given 3 hours and 35 minutes with the Writing portion or 2 hours and 55 minutes if you do not take the Writing section. Some of the academic subjects tested on the exam include geometry, algebra, grammar, and reading. Once you complete the exam, you will earn a score from 1 to 36 on each section excluding the Writing section. The Writing section is scored from 2 to 12.

An academic advisor from Veritas Prep can help you sign up for a Fresno ACT course that can help you figure out where you need to study the most while giving you the skills and information to study effectively. Courses take place entirely online and have interactive video lessons that can be viewed whenever you need them. Veritas Prep’s Fresno ACT courses also include homework help from a live instructor. If you have a question as you are completing practice problems, you can log in and get an explanation rather than guessing or trying to look up exactly what you need.

Also, when you enroll in a Fresno ACT course through Veritas Prep, you have access to numerous learning materials that can supplement your existing study plan. For example, you can use ACT lesson guidebooks, and the ACT question bank, which are both available online. All of the materials mentioned can help you take your ACT preparation to a higher level.

Performing well on the ACT could help determine your admission to some schools. Taking a Fresno ACT course is a great way to get help and guidance through the test prep process. If you think you would benefit from all of these resources and more, contact an academic advisor by phone or through the form on this page today.

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