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Top ACT Courses in El Paso, TX

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Top ACT Courses in El Paso, TX

El Paso, Texas, is home to Southwest University, International Business College, and other respected institutions. As a student completing your last few years of high school, you may want to attend these schools but feel apprehensive about taking a test like the ACT. Why not speak with someone at Veritas Prep? By talking to one of our academic advisors, you can get more information about an El Paso ACT course and how it can prepare you for this vital exam.

The ACT is a college admissions test that college-bound students take. This test is offered during April, June through July, September, October, and December. It has four required sections: Mathematics, Science, Reading, and English. Additionally, some of the sections cover disciplines like algebra, grammar, problem-solving, reading comprehension, and geometry. There’s also a voluntary Writing portion. On the mandatory multiple-choice sections, the pupil will receive 1 to 36 points. They’ll earn between 2 to 12 points on the Writing section. If a pupil wants to work on the exam including the Writing portion, they have a time limit of three hours and thirty-five minutes. If they just want to focus on completing the multiple-choice questions, pupils have forty minutes less time than they do on the test that includes the Writing section.

Are you someone who likes to study alone at an individual pace? Then an El Paso ACT course is perfect for you. This online self-study program comes with on-demand video lessons you can save on your computer to watch at your convenience, plus an ACT Question Bank you can use for practice. There’s also regular access to instructors who are willing to help you with homework assignments if you’re struggling somewhere. It’s a unique program because it combines keen instruction and discipline.

With an El Paso ACT course, you even get handy supplementary learning materials in the form of detailed lesson books that follow along with the on-demand video lessons. These tools help you understand the ACT’s structure and timing so you can know what to do on the day you take the test. Best of all, the tools are digital, making it simple for you to download and save them on your mobile device.

If you’re thinking about going to a school in the city or in another state, we at Veritas Prep cheer you on as you pursue your post-secondary goals. If you feel you can benefit with an El Paso ACT course, please call or contact us through this page today.

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