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Top ACT Courses in Columbia, SC

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Top ACT Courses in Columbia, SC

The University of South Carolina and Columbia International University are just a couple of the schools that graduating students in Columbia, South Carolina could attend to pursue a degree. If you are a high school student in Columbia, you probably already know that you will need an SAT or ACT score to provide to schools like these and many others around the country to be considered for admission. If the ACT is a test you’d like to take, you will want to prepare for it so you have the chance to perform at your best on exam day. At Veritas Prep, we help students solidify their test prep strategies with products like our Columbia ACT course. Our academic advisors can tell you more or you can keep on reading.

The ACT has more sections than the SAT, but it still has required sections and an optional writing component. The required sections are Science, English, Reading, and Math, and the Writing section is one you have to opt into taking. You should research the schools you want to attend to find out if they’d like to see your ACT Writing score before you sign up for the exam. You’ll earn a score from 1-36 on each required section, and those scores average for your overall ACT score. The Writing section gives you a standalone score of 2-12.

The Veritas Prep Columbia ACT course gives you all the tools you need to study when you have time in your busy schedule. There are video lessons on the ACT that are streamable on-demand, meaning you can watch them late at night or whenever you have a break in your day on your phone, tablet, or computer. The corresponding lesson guidebook leads you through these lessons.

If you take the Columbia ACT course, you also get our ACT Question Bank for practice problems. We have regularly scheduled live homework help so an instructor can help you with any practice problems you can’t figure out on your own. We also provide you with a free consultation with an admissions expert. They can tell you all about successful college applications.

If all of these tools and resources sound like they could help you study more effectively, contact Veritas Prep’s academic advisors to find out more and to sign up for your Columbia ACT course. Advisors can be reached online or by phone to get you going.

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