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Top ACT Courses in Colorado Springs, CO

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Top ACT Courses in Colorado Springs, CO

The mountainous city of Colorado Springs, Colorado, is home to several fine schools, like the University of the Rockies and Colorado College. If your objective is to attend one of these colleges or another post-secondary institution in the country, you’ll want to do your best on an exam like the ACT. Let Veritas Prep help you with your collegiate journey by offering a Colorado Springs ACT course.

The ACT is a college entrance exam offered to juniors and seniors six times each year. Its five sections include Mathematics, Science, English, Reading, and Writing. The Mathematics section contains 60 questions covering trigonometry, geometry, and algebra. You have an hour to finish this section. The Science section consists of research summaries, charts, and graphs. It has 40 questions and a thirty-five-minute time limit. With 75 questions, the English section is the longest one. It covers rhetorical skills, punctuation, and grammar, and you have forty-five minutes to complete the section. The Reading section has 40 questions with four passages that deal with fiction and non-fiction topics. You need to complete it in thirty-five minutes. Though the Writing section is voluntary, it is required by some schools, so it’s recommended that you take it. It has one essay question, and you have forty minutes to finish. The first four sections give you 1 to 36 points. The Writing section gives you 2 to 12 points.

A Colorado Springs ACT course is a self-study, self-paced program that you can connect with online on your smartphone or computer. It has downloadable high-definition educational videos, an ACT Question Bank for practice, and lesson guidebooks. If you ever need assistance with homework, you have simple access to an instructor during regular homework help times. The course even includes a free admissions consultation service that guides you with the college application process. Because you may be busy with other responsibilities like an after-school job and other classes, we try to make life a bit easier for you by providing a flexible program like this one.

Whatever college you choose, you should be equipped with the right tools to face the ACT and other academic challenges you’ll come across. You can start by signing up for a Colorado Springs ACT course. Call or contact an academic advisor at Veritas Prep online today to learn more about what we can do to solidify your test prep plan.

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